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Posted:I just started trying to use different materials for spinnin. I have some chains which have a diameter of about 3/4 inch. I used them and did a handwrap...it *kinda* hurt.Any suggestions on less pain/other chain?

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Posted:Try 1/8-inch cable. Maximus


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Posted:try using thinner chains, 3/4 inch sounds way to big. I had some thick chains once, but they hurt like hell to wrap with, so I moved on to thin doggy chains, the kind in wal-mart, chrome plated, twist link, welded. very smooth, imperviouse to soot, and light-weight.

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Posted:Don't forget ball chains too, they are a commonly used firestring here in NZ.A big advantage of ball chains is that theyare one big swivel, and won't pinch as easily asd link chains.Of course, always try different things and see what you prefer best...
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Posted:Ball chain.
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Or sleeves.
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Posted:How sturdy are the ball chains? Don't they wear out over time?




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Posted:Here is an article on just that very thing.------------------Deuteronomy 31:6John 15:9

Deuteronomy 31:6
John 15:9
Luke 6:22


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