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Posted:In a previous topic malcolm said that the new electroglow equipment have the led's glued in. If this is the case how do you get the modules out to change the batteries?If they are going to change them back to unglued what about all the people who have bought one with the modules glued in?I think my poi electroglow have the modules glued in, 'cause I cannot get it out so therefore my concern is what do I do if I need to change the batteries? Only noticed last night so I am a bit concerned.Maybe I am wide of the mark and the batteries can be changed!RegardsDave------------------'Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience'

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Posted:This isn't a website announcement. It should be moved to technical I think. I'll try to contact Pele or Malcolm to have it moved.Point.------------------FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB."Those who can, do. Those who can't, critique" - Let the fire change you

FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB.

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Posted:you can get them batts out by:i. leaving the module in and unscrewing the tiny screw that secures the batt lid.ii. removing the entire module by squeezing the tight fitting (mmm) acrylic tube end at the sides farthest from the module itself. then see step above.iii. telekinesis. it's french for 'removing one's battery from an electroglo poi' y'know!------------------"Every experience carries its lesson"-Muad'Dib

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Posted:Bender the Offender is correct. Batteries can still be replaced easily. They glue the units in now cause sometimes the units could travel up the tube.Electroglo poi infoTelekenises is great, I use it all the time
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