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Posted: by Garažiniai Žmonės
Last Reply: by Garažiniai Žmonės
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"Hey guys. I haven't found anything like this anywhere, so you are my last hope. Check out this video. The effect I am looking to find is in 0:59 minutes. The t..."
Posted: by plantgirlll
Last Reply: by BootMasterG
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"Tomorrow my dad is giving me his stock whip so I can learn to use it with the intention of eventually having a flaming one cracking. I would really like to make my own, as we did with o..."
Posted: by poserman
Last Reply: by Charles
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"I like spinning my firepoi's but I need something heavy to use as a training. The gym isn't for me and I could use some extra muscles. Since playing with POI's uses a lot of muscles it ..."
Posted: by *UltraPoi*
Last Reply: by *UltraPoi*
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"Hello HOP fans. I wanted to drop by and introduce you to our new LED glowsticks the Ultralight. The Ultralight is a modular LED glowstick with 4 RGB LEDs. It features independent con..."
Posted: by Avery
Last Reply: by dreamsharing
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"Oddly I've google'd and searched this site, but haven't found anything. So, does anyone have advice/experience regarding prescription eyewear while doing fire poi? By prescription I mea..."
Posted: by maddogg
Last Reply: by Dash
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"I was wondering if anyone can recommend pixel poi and hoops for performers I have looked at moodhoops future poi and hoops, a1 POI AND Spin FX. Ideally if I am buying from the USA I wo..."
Posted: by jasonpoi
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"I want to buy a set of Ninja poi. How are you supposed to recharge the AA? Go somewhere else and buy some kind of recharger? I'm in the USA, if that makes any difference in your answ..."
Posted: by Nick Poet
Last Reply: by yabyum
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"Hey guys, I've been spinning poi for almost two years now, and think I am ready to move to fire poi. Which one would you recommend? Which fuel should I use? I read kerosene is good, is ..."
Posted: by dreamsharing
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"Hey everybody,I'm having this idea for a very long time now of combining fire spinning with contact moves. Is it possible or would I burn myself? Wraps do work without burning so one ca..."
Posted: by jcpintar150
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"A friend told me that he had seen some fire snakes that were tipped with monkey fist knots for sale online, but cannot remember where. I would very much like to own these! has anyone se..."
Posted: by Psyentist
Last Reply: by marco
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"Damn it.Okay, I received my first set of chains this past Christmas. Pro-series twisted oval chain link, No. 10 swivels, 2.5 Monkey fist heads from HOP. By Jan 15, 1 chain broken. By Ja..."
Posted: by Talk2Sampson
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"I have a set of cathedral heads on regular steel chain w/ leather fingerloops. I was looking to upgrade my chain to black oval-twists.But heres my question: Is it possible to affix PX3..."
Posted: by soul777toast
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"Hi Guys,So, when it comes to my fire toys I'm definitely a DIY'er. I'm currently planning a build for a new staff, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good source for black anodized..."
Posted: by kireiestrella
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"I'm studying for my flame effects operators license in TX. (A requirement to be a fire performer for an audience larger than 50) I'm looking for a good chart with specific chemical inf..."
Posted: by sageist89
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"Hi there, so I'm new to fans and just purchased the medium lotus fans which are lovely but I'm realizing that they are a bit smaller than I'd like . Add to that they have a Russian grip..."
Posted: by whirlingfire
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hi,I've been having some issues with my aluminium staff getting too hot to touch. Are there any known remedies to this besides giving it a 15 minute rest?Thanks"
Posted: by STOPpanda
Last Reply: by dillon henry1
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"Hey folks!I'm happy to see flowlights on hop! I bought a pair of Water II's just a few days before they went up in the hop shop (as far as I know) and i just wanted to share some inform..."
Posted: by sticklefifer
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
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"I used to use kerosene, but I ended up smelling like it all night whenever I used it. I switched to paraffin-based lamp oil, which doesn't really smell much. When I can't find paraffin,..."
Posted: by oxmot
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
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"I've been practicing fire breathing with Cornstarch &lbr;dry fuel&rbr; but i saw a tub of 99% pure Paraffin at my local smart and final I know most of the dangers from fire breathing i...."
Posted: by englandhanna
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Hello. I am trying to purchase a set of fire poi. Does anyone know of any place that sells fire poi that weigh less than 5.6 oz for each head? I know homeofpoi sells this weight but I w..."
Posted: by Nils_Bentlage
Last Reply: by corestripe
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"Hello :) Which contact poi heads are you using?I have the ones from Mr. Babache in 80mmbut i don't like them so much. Too heavy and hard."
Posted: by vdes24
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hey Guys!I've been spinning poi for a good year and have gotten myself a good base of moves and techniques. Yet recently I have been interested in the idea of picking up contact staff,t..."
Posted: by zeeice
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"hello, I found this site while researching online and I feel like this community would have some good information.Well im trying to create some fire gloves for a costume. The only porti..."
Posted: by Francois Vuuren
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"Hi everyone,I've been spinning fire for about 8 years now and pretty iffy when it comes to quality gear, thus the question I pose to you for buying / making my new sets of fire poi.I've..."
Posted: by Devin_Otto
Last Reply: by corestripe
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"So I have just made my first set of contact poi, and I'm wondering what a good weight for my PX3s would be so i can start learning contact moves with more ease(weight in number of washe..."
Posted: by Schtev
Last Reply: by beavis
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"Hello. I'm a fairly new staff spinner that doesn't do any contact stuff (yet). So I ordered &lbr;url=;this ..."
Posted: by Kitsuni
Last Reply: by Dom
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"I'm looking to create a pair of custom flowlights. I currently have a pair of Flowlight Fires but I'm looking for something a bit more colorful. As far as I've read up on it though the ..."
Posted: by NinjaKittyz
Last Reply: by Dom
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"Evenin everyoneI just started spinning not too long ago, and while I love it, all the varying thickness of cords, ropes, chains, socks, etc have me confused. The photo below is the poi ..."
Posted: by MidgetCricket
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"Hello,I have a fire levistick from gora fire gear (which is awesome ) however before I got to use it on fire the wire snapped.I've looked into buying a replacement from their website ..."
Posted: by Makhno
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hello people,Does anyone know how to make a Flame Book?I would appreciate if you told me how to make one.Thanks,Makhno"
Posted: by Jacob_Morris
Last Reply: by Trybal Wolf
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"Hey guys, I'm pretty new to poi (only been practicing a month now) and I ordered the chain with interchangeable led/cathedral heads and being in America that's a lot of money in shippin..."
Posted: by level
Last Reply: by Trybal Wolf
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"What are people using if anything to paint their fire staves. I did a quick look on the hop forum and some google searching but didn't come up with anything. I am fairly new to making f..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by ScienceofOM
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"Tape qualities: Leather: Scratchy (painful) but very grippy. Hard to get. I use the suede side, the leather side might be alright too. Fire resistant. Shammy Leather: (Sports grip) Look..."
Posted: by ArtworkByAutumn
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"I love when it has the 2.5 second trails so you can see the light with the persistence of vision... what setting/camera/effects are best for this? Thanks! P.S. The cheaper the better......"
Posted: by Elsnu
Last Reply: by nathan2jz
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"i was looking at the tribal neon dance paint and i was wondering if anyone has thought to make blacklight emitting poi or contact staffs or contact juggling balls which would light up t..."
Posted: by Paulicus
Last Reply: by Idony000
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"Hi all,I've been spinning for a little over 6 months. I bought myself some flowlights, and I've enjoyed modding them and changing the LED colors. However, I just can't seem to find a pu..."
Posted: by _Carol_
Last Reply: by jacktimo
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"hola, este mensaje va destinado a todos aquellas personas que hablan Espaol;Soy una chica espaola,llevo varios aos haciendo swing con fuego y nunca antes encontre una web relacionada..."
Posted: by IckySheebs
Last Reply: by Analemma
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"Okay so basically several friends and myself were chillin a few nights ago, and someone brought up the concept of helium poi. They were trying to say that it would be possible to revers..."
Posted: by David Sandra
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hello everyone. My partner and I are in Turkey at the moment and I am desperate to find a shop that sell kevlar wick. We are in kusadasi, but any shop any where will do. Thanks in advan..."
Posted: by BlaiseCarlisle
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"I'm looking for a fuel that's good for indoor use. After searching, I found white gas burns very cleanly, but is more dangerous than usual because of its low flash point.Kerosene appear..."
Posted: by Demeter
Last Reply: by Jasspy
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"Hey all!I'm looking at making a fire flag similar to like a marching band color guard flag. I will be using a 6' pole and a 35" x 52" fire-flag area.Key decisions I need to m..."
Posted: by Rev
Last Reply: by sdfsdf3DD
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"I havent been able to locate any of these.. anyone know where I could find these? I know they have them in flashlights and pens.. I was wondering where I could find just the leds?"
Posted: by Flow DNA
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"Hello,I'm planning to build an "eternal flame" for the Fire Conclave at Afrikaburn. The group has decided that it will essentially be a paraffin fueled lantern, in a decorati..."
Posted: by bootsh
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"Does anyone have a good template/pattern or tips for making cone poi?"
Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by Mark Husted
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"Ok, so everyone knows about steel wool and all that stuff... and the inherrent dangers and such.Well it's not good enough for small areas, or wraps, or other cool things we could be doi..."
Posted: by Comojo
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hi, I am making a fire sculpture and need to set fire to a whole lot of metal rods.. I am looking for a fire gel to apply to it if the gel is available anywhere.. Otherwise I am lookin..."
Posted: by Muskogee_Dancer
Last Reply: by southafricadude
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"Hello. I started poi in my teenage years with my sisters. We would proform at a couple of local pow wows in the past, but because of my sister's health, we are not able to do it any m..."
Posted: by LadyDay
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"How heavy are your sock poi?Wondering how much weight should I out into my newly bought sock poi? I don't want them too bouncy, but heavy enough to be stabile.How do you fill in your dr..."
Posted: by Cute Little Burning Ball
Last Reply: by Nellen03
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"Im think if buying a new staff or making one myself, if i decide for the second option i was woundering wich kind of wood should i use or if its recomendable no wood at all, because i h..."
Posted: by roarfire
Last Reply: by Charles
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"Okay so I spend a while winding a cage, I stuffed the steel wool in, dipped it in kero and lit up. Expecting it to just go 'whooosh!'...I didn't at all... What went wrong with that?"
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