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Posted:Hi everyone,

I've been spinning fire for about 8 years now and pretty iffy when it comes to quality gear, thus the question I pose to you for buying / making my new sets of fire poi.

I've been looking into making Isis/Inferno heads with 3/8" or 1/2" kevlar rope, but for now it works out to be too expensive for my budget right now. (they are the best though, so understandably they cost a buck or two)

That said, I have played with Cathedrals, Monkeyfists and the good 'ol tube-style poi in the past. Recently I started looking at the Twista poi heads, but on the picture I see a 'pop-rivet' at the top of the head keeping the weave in place. Kevlar tends to become less dense as time goes on, so I would like to know how this actually performs after 6 to 8 months of spinning very regularly. (to me it seems as thou the kevlar might thin out and the rivet will not keep the top of the weave down anymore.) This is vital as I do quite a few gigs a month and I can't have any gear failing at all. (obviously eventually all gear needs replacing I know.)

Your comments please HOP community

I poi

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