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Hawked HobbitSILVER Member
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Location: USA

What is the practical difference to the two poi types? Does one make a bigger flame, move differently, etc...?

I'm going to buy one in the next couple weeks, possibly tomorrow, and knowing would help a lot with my decision.

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ABOB - Pois'n'us
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Location: Northern Ireland

length of burn time and weight are the main differences i think; monkey fists burn for a bit longer and (i think) are heavier (i say think as the extended burn time could be a factor in making my arms sore earlier haha). i prefer the monkey fists to cathedrals though as they seem to be more responsive to my movements which makes more technical moves that bit easier

if you havnt tried medium/heavier weighted poi though either get cathedrals or put a lot of non-fire practice in with the monkey fists; cathedrals are weighted better for people new to heavier poi
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