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I'm looking for knitted rope wick 3/8 inch (9.5mm) diameter and would be after a full roll (or at least 80meters). I've only found it from US sellers.
Does any one have a lead on a european / uk seller?

Any hints much appreciated. Thanks!

image of the kind of rope wick I'm after here.

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If it helps we are sending worldwide daily including into the UK , Europe etc ( although we are based and sending from New Zealand )

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Would love to order from you guys, but from the image I can't tell if the rope wick you sell is the knitted rope wick I'm after... I believe that braided rope wick is different. Do you have a close up pic of your rope wick so I can double check this?


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This is the same pattern of our braided kevlar mix rope. Also called "knit braided ropes"

So yes ours is knitted, as opposed to twisted (twined) construction.

However there are a multitude of different knitted rope patterns, from loose to tight and number of strands used.

Here you can see our knitted braid pattern of 1 inch rope on a pair of snake poi

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