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Posted:Hello. I am trying to purchase a set of Fire Poi. Does anyone know of any place that sells Fire Poi that weigh less than 5.6 oz for each head? I know homeofpoi sells this weight but I would like a lighter set if possible. thanks!!

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Posted:HI - I'm looking for lightweight Fire Poi too - I'm quite a good spinner but I have wrist problems - can anyone advise on the lightest firepoi?



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Posted:Probably best/easiest way would be to find prop makers in your local community (or close enough to), and asking them to make a set.

Failing that, it'd be worth directly contacting the bigger prop makers like HoP, BurningPassion, NeedtoBurn, Firemecca, etc (that's all I can remember off the top of my head), that have websites and ask them about getting custom props made - aside from the ones they already sell. Some of them might already have options for custom orders, actually.

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