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Posted:I've been practicing fire breathing with Cornstarch [dry fuel] but i saw a tub of 99% pure Paraffin at my local smart and final grin
I know most of the dangers from fire breathing i.e. back blow, inhaling paraffin fuel causing pneumonia, collapse lung, burning... and using the wrong fuel can lead to a high risk of mouth cancer! petrofuel...

But i'm wondering what the other dangers of using Paraffin fuel are...
Is it carcinogenic? Can it cause mouth cancer?


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Posted:Hi oxmot.

Believe or not, Paraffin is a name used all over the world for a range of different types of fuel, so be very very careful about making assumptions about any fuel.

First step is get the MSDS sheet (Medical Safety Datasheet) that must be provided when asked anytime any chemical is available for sale.

Once you've done that, the word 'tub', makes it sound like this is more of a waxy parrafin, like Vasoline, and not a liquid fuel at all...

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Posted:To be honest, the odds are that while using any type of fuel besides cornstarch, you're at the risk of getting cancer. But theres so many thing that can give you cancer today, its.... yeah. Cornstarch can just get you extremely sick.

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