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Posted:Hello. I'm a fairly new staff spinner that doesn't do any contact stuff (yet). So I ordered this three piece fire staff from Trick Concepts, and it finally arrived today. I certainly can't complain about the quality, but I have a couple of concerns.

First of all, it seems really heavy to me! I can't really imagine spinning this thing at the high speed I've been spinning my practice staff, even if I build up my upper body more. But clearly they intend for this one to be used for non-contact spinning, since they have another three piece staff that specifies its for contact.

My other concern is that when standing up straight (with the wick covers on), this staff comes to about eye level with me. I've been reading elsewhere that it probably shouldn't be higher than your shoulder at most. I'm about 5'6" tall if that's of any relevance.

So. Have I made a poor choice for non-contact spinning? If so, does anyone have any other commercial recommendations more suitable for my height and style of spinning? Within Canada would be preferable, but that's probably asking too much.

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Posted:correct you have got yourself a Contact Staff my friend they are generally longer and heavier than a normal staff but suit better to contact moves and are not intended for fast spinning. but if you build some strength and skill it can flow just the same keep practicing, you wont regret in in a month or so and it will assist your development to.