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Posted:just recently i got the behind the back weave down. it took me two weeks and i'm pretty relieved that my rists now have the feel for it. although every once in a while i still walup myself in either the right calf or the right cheek. i think the reason for this is that the poi that i'm using are pretty long.anyway i'm working on transitioning into a btb now and the only move that i have found so far works for doing this is the mexican wave. just curiouse if any of you out there know of some other moves which a transitional to a btb.redmow spinspinspin

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The Welcome Matt

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Posted:I still can't do the BTB weave, but I have heard that people go into easily through a butterfly, whichi is almost a mexican wave..------------------www.ahh-thepooh.net <<This is my site>>

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Posted:This doesn't always work for me, but when it does it is nice, at least I think so.... I am doing reverse weave infront of me, and then when i'm on my left side, right about to go to my right side, i instead bring my left poi behind back to right side and bring my right hand poi from left side to right side to behind back left side. So its like a cross-over figure eight type thing, where your poi cross in the middle, cept behind you. Then I whip my left hand to my right and go. Only repetition is 1 extra beat on right by right hand. I like the feeling of having my weave travel in circles and behind me and all over....Now i'm working on wraping into and out of forward->reverse and back again.... I hear you, with that whole hitting yourself thing. My BTB weave is usually reliable for a good 4 sides, but then I better get it infront of me or I'm gonna nail myself. I'm working on it... My BTB crossover doesn't always work, sometimes when they are crossing one of them nails a hand...but practice makes perfect. Maybe this is a lame transition, but it's all mine baby! Have fun poi-ing, gl. I bet they have another thread on BTB transitions, so maybe a search will yield better results...peace -john