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Location: B.C. Canada!

hey everyone
im here in australia form canada and i have been searching for a really nice spin spot with some people to mingle with.
i have been spinning for 2 1/2 years now and since i am traveling up the coast im trying to find some fun spinners to play with. i am currently in sydney (manly beach) but am leaving for the gold coast on saturday (5) then maybe a detour to byron bay before i head up to brisbane and the sunshine coast. from there it is where ever the wind blows me. lol
thanks for any help, see you around~

And all that's jazzBRONZE Member
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Location: just behind your left shoulder, Australia

Hey scarletfire,

Gasp, to think you locate yourself so close to my humble personage! I live in Balgowlah, on the hill about 2k's from Manly beach. You can probably see my house from where you're staying. It's a small world, as they say (why they say it, however, has never been identified).

Anyway, for good spinning spots, check out Dentrassi's great guide to Sydney spinning in the 'Events, Performances etc.' thread, that's about the most comprehensive list of Sydney events around. The one I usually (try to) attend is the spin in Glebe on Thursday nights, 9:30 - midnightish at Jubilee park. Getting there from Manly is a bit of a bum if you don't have a car - the best (Public transport) way is to get to Wynyard (by Ferry and walk or by bus - 144 then anything else), cross George St. to the bus stop opposite, then catch a bus along George St., Broadway and Glebe Point Road (431 is best). You can get off pretty close to the park (ask the bus driver) and walk down Glebe Pt. Rd to the end. Look for fire. The directions are a bit convoluted, but as I said, it's a bit of a hike by public transport.

The Glebe spin is usually good fun, you'll meet a few HoPpers and it's generally pretty relaxed. Otherwise, start spinning somewhere and you'll soon have a crowd of adoring fans. PM me for other details/info etc. or if you are looking for a Manly spin buddy (and yes, I mean the location, not the adjective, though you are happy to interpret thusly if you so wish wink)

Either way, good luck and happy spinning!

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Location: B.C. Canada!

thanks so much your the reply and the directions.
although i dont have a car i am in manly till friday soo if you in the area (wink wink) let me know if you have any free time and we can meet up and spin a bit, and forever you would be refered to as my "manly spin buddy"! unfortuanly i dont have my fire stuff with me because they wouldnt let me take it on the plane... but i brought my pracitce ones and some goood moves to boot! anyways i know it is short notice but either way thanks for the info, and im sure ill be back in town within a few months. take care and have beautiful circles of light for me!

also you can email me @
incase this thread disapears from any known reference in the web site!

see ya jessica!

DentrassiDentrassiGOLD Member
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have i met you Jazz? im usually appalling at remembering who ive met at Glebe.

Coming tonite? as long as the weather holds off it should be a good night.


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