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right, i've done a durbs and all I can discover is that there are many more st andrewses than there are cities called st andrews in scotland. if you see what I mean.

question: does anyone live and/or spin in st andrews?

I'm in the process of applying for a PhD there . . .

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No, no one in St. Andrews does. Ever.

Ha ha, ok that's not exactly true but it feels like it when you are there. I'm from St. Andrews and there is a juggling society at the uni but they vary in organisation from year to year. Their is a really nice lass called Tryste who is always eager to spin any time but she's moving to Germany this Summer.

Edinburgh however is spinning central of the universe. Check out www.tepooka.org and www.beltane.org for just two interesting things for spinner to get into in Edinburgh.

Anyway hope this helps.

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