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PyroMonkeyGOLD Member
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Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

Hey howdy hey all!!

Im coming to byron for the East coast blues and roots fest again, just want to know if there are any spin meets that are going on while im up there?? would love to meet some locals, let me know!!

Its a very mometous occasion for me as it was last year at the blues fest that i got into fire spinning!!

GnorBRONZE Member
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Location: Perth, Australia

Is there usually lots of spinnig at the Blues festival?
The Waifs are going to be there and there are great but I wasnt sure about going...

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~Leah~GOLD Member
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Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

when is the blues fest? I've heard heaps about it and I'd love to come down for it.

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newgabeSILVER Member
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The Blues Fest is over Easter.. they get great acts but IMHO it is a dreadfully crowded and unpleasant space and the noise bleed between venues is the worst I've ever experienced in any festival anywhere! There isn't a lot of street theatre or anything really apart from the big crowded music tents. I've been a few times but won't bother again., no matter how great the acts are! It's not like Woodford or Confests or those more community spaces..

There are loads of spinners in and around Byron... the ones I could put you in touch with leave town this time of year though! If you stay at the Arts Factory and spin down at the beach you will probably meet some likeminded people....

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ValuraSILVER Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

exactly what gabe said!! Plus everything around Byron gets incredibly pricey for this particular weekend and it almost ALWAYS rains.

but I love the waifs they rock... and john bulter shall be there again as well as the cat empire and missy higgins... biggrin some great acts

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PyroMonkeyGOLD Member
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Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

the rain is a small price to pay, thats kinda tghe fun bit when your camping in knee deep water tongue

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Location: Nihon

hey, i am only going to the blues fest 1 or 2 days but would be totally keen for some beach or forest spinning at some other time if yer up for it...

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