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I'm wondering how many people have actually used the meet others database with success?
Or how many have been able to plan entire trips using the database and Homestay icons?
I'm looking at what to do after I finish highschool, and it's coming up fast...I want to travel the world, but am not sure where to go, what to do, or where to start. I'm thinking about maybe doing a tour of my own country first, and try and meet spinners along the way?
I was just wondering how many other people here have used the database with success?
I've talked with 2 people using the database, one I found in my area that had a willing to teach mark on his entry, but he and I have never had a full conversation. The other person found me and we talked a bit, but lives to far away to get together.
Is it any easier for the UK people to get together using the database? You guys can drive for an hour and be 3 countries over :P Here you can drive all day and still be in the same province.

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I have had a number of people contact me if that counts. I met up with ppl in Sydney (yay Ed and Rozi ubblove) through it as well so it has worked for me. There used to be a lot of ppl on it without current details but thats been fixed.

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I believe we should organize this part of the forum more...

too many random requests are in this section.

I think that lists might really work, but you need to update them.

a good example of working lists would be [Old link] , or [Old link] as it exist in this section.


to come back to the question: there is a global spinners database here on HoP, but a lot of spinners aren't in it, and a lot of those who are never log into HoP, so PM-ing them has no use...
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