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Posted: by Keoka
Last Reply: by Stick Man
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"Looking for spinners near Brattleboro, VT. I'm fine with teaching people, but it would also be cool to compare styles with someone more advanced! I spin poi, but may pick up other for..."
Posted: by Real_Zeke
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"Hey there, i was wondering if there are any other poi spinners around in my city (Odense, Fyn). And if there is, would there be any chance to meet and maybe exchange moves and knowlagde..."
Posted: by arnoragreenlass
Last Reply: by jaero
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"Hi I live in the green mountain state and was wondering if there was any one that could teach me Poi? or know any stores in Vermont where you can buy beginer poi "
Posted: by wyndsurfr
Last Reply: by Dedphrog
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"Anyone from the atlanta, g.a./ asheville, n.c./ chattanooga, tenn. tri state area??? Looking for some people to get together with and start a little group!!! At least make some friend..."
Posted: by Some1
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"hello everyone!first, i would like to introduce myself (because it`s the first time i write something on hop)my name ist claus (i`m 21) and im coming from austria (you know: the tiny l..."
Posted: by Mr_widd
Last Reply: by yoni
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"there's several spinners from the area of south devon (much better than those north devon folk) who want to make Wednesday nights a regular thang for fire meets in torquay. so were look..."
Posted: by TotalEclipse
Last Reply: by cafers
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"Any spinners, poi or staff, around Petersfield, Grayshott, Alton, Liss, Liphook, or any of the other places in this sort of hampshire/surrey border??I spin poi and staff, and am looking..."
Posted: by nicksflame
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"hey im moving to taupo over summer and was wondering if there are any spinners down there that are keen to play or maby busk cheers nick "
Posted: by djsayaw
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"I'm new to the area and looking for someone to practice with. I prefer ropedart but spin poi as well."
Posted: by Tyr
Last Reply: by Tyr
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"Hey I'm looking for a couch to crash on in the Traralgon area on Tue 26th September - I am up that way for a non-fire related show for two days and was hoping not to have to drive home ..."
Posted: by Icer
Last Reply: by Chickpea
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"hey, this goes out to all the spinners in chch. want to meet up and organise some sorta regular thing. at canty uni, so thought there might be 1 or 2 spinners there too. reply to this o..."
Posted: by siren1987
Last Reply: by _G_
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"Hey, I'm a student at Nottingham Trent uni and i want to set up a spinning society cuz there isn't one at trent.I just wanna meet other spinners here in Notts cuz i get a bit bored spin..."
Posted: by zombiedale
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"Just a little heads up. Fire Gathering in Northern Ireland City of Belfast Crescent Park off Botanic Avenue. Starts at 9pm till whenever the last of us leave. Bring all your toys and fr..."
Posted: by Woodles
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"Hi all I'm very new to poi and started the interest by seeing some young kids with poi (though my husband and I called them flying fish ) on the bandstand in my local town. So being of ..."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"I'll be visiting Spain Sept 23 - Oct 8, in Barcelona for the first part of the trip, Santiago de Compostela for the second part (no firm dates yet). If there are any get-togethers for s..."
Posted: by JerryD
Last Reply: by JerryD
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"Longshot here, but will there be any spinners in the Outer Banks this September?I get to vacation at the beach twice this year so I'll be in Nags Head Sept. 4-11 and Corolla Sept. 24-O..."
Posted: by sjonboard
Last Reply: by Pogo69
Views: 514    Replies: 3
"hey fellow brisnitesmoved here a couple of months ago from nz so keen to hear where the spinnaz are and where the fun places r to b... livin out indro way... love outdoor dance/rave pa..."
Posted: by wyndsurfr
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"Anyone here from appalachia??? Looking for other fire people in the southeast around western north carolina or northeast georgia. I'm 2 hours west of asheville and 2 hours north of at..."
Posted: by TheWibbler
Last Reply: by TheWibbler
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"Anybody looking for a room in melbourne?Me and Bex have a spare room in our flat from 22nd of september.Sunny flat, near chapel st and high st, dandenong rd.Fully furnished flat, built ..."
Posted: by kiwiandrea
Last Reply: by urban tribal monkey
Views: 1008    Replies: 3
"Any spinners around Vancouver, BC? I need a poi buddy to spin with!Look forward to hearing from some of you, Andrea"
Posted: by Bobriki
Last Reply: by djsayaw
Views: 626    Replies: 2
"I've swung a lot of different things on the end of cord, but so far, not fire. I gotta see how this is done befor i try to light myself on fire. Hell even if you dont do fire I'd really..."
Posted: by djsayaw
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"I'm looking for someone to practice ropedart with in Seattle. I also spin poi. I'd plain out just like to have someone to practice with, but I'd prefer to meet someone that spins rope..."
Posted: by Spikey
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"What sucks is being the only poier i know. What really sucks is that i cant watch anybody else spin. So i say "Damn it i want to see some fire." Anybody that can spin in the mid miss..."
Posted: by charlierose
Last Reply: by 87wt2gxq7
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"HI every1 i live in birmingham and i've been spinning for about a year but i cant seem to get any further, I need some1 with fire experience so i can progress..i'm a quick learner and n..."
Posted: by Chickpea
Last Reply: by Chickpea
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"hi guys, im coming to nz between the 8th sept and the 20th so i can change my visa, im going to stay in hostels but was wondering if they were any spinners who want to share their home ..."
Posted: by TinklePants
Last Reply: by Rachdymagate
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"Any spinners up here in the highlands? I get so lonely on my own! "
Posted: by Triptoe
Last Reply: by Triptoe
Views: 451    Replies: 2
"Hey Fellows!! Is there anyone from munich, Germany?? Because in one month i will study there and i look for cool people to spin with. -and all the other circusstuff would be cool if we ..."
Posted: by kisumi
Last Reply: by grace
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"Hi im looking for someone in plymouth to teach me how to spin poi, i have a cobra 2, i can do basic moves but struggling to learn from books and net! please help! send me an email at ki..."
Posted: by uborkaluv
Last Reply: by uborkaluv
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"We need spinners for an Animal Collective video. It's a one day shoot and you get to participate in an ANIMAL COLLECTIVE project!! For more info email Kellie --"
Posted: by Kathain_Bowen
Last Reply: by Aavani
Views: 789    Replies: 5
"Hey- hunting for anyone in the Atlanta, GA area who would happen to know fire fans and be willing to teach or just chat over coffee. I'm in Northern Atlanta area, around 400/285 interch..."
Posted: by Justabitekai
Last Reply: by jo_rhymes
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" Hey, i know a lot of spinners in bracknell (where i live) but i was wondering if theres any more that wanna spin together in the berkshire area, places like ascot/windsor/reading/th..."
Posted: by icklefaqua
Last Reply: by Mr_widd
Views: 527    Replies: 2
" Hi. Is there anyone who is from the Taunton/ somerset area who can teach poi or is there any poi classes/ clubs near by. Are there many poi lovers in the area? "
Posted: by gaius
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"Hi anyone spinning poi in the wyre forest area? Around kidderminster, Stourport or Bewdley and round-about? Gaius "
Posted: by DavidJNolan
Last Reply: by WOFT
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"We Fenfires are travelling to Amsterdam at the end of September, and I very much doubt that we are the first HOPers to go to that area of the world. Does anyone know of any spinners/jug..."
Posted: by spunkymonkey
Last Reply: by spunkymonkey
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"does anyone poi in san francisco bay area? coz i poi and fire spin here in the philippines and i'll be going to SF in 2 weeks so i was wondering.. to all SF spinners.. lets all get toge..."
Posted: by rin_666
Last Reply: by Sym
Views: 622    Replies: 8
"Hey guys as it said in the thread title I'm a lonely girl in norfolk who seeks other spinners in norfolk to meet and learn from. Seriously new here (as in joined up yesterday) and need ..."
Posted: by Nazri
Last Reply: by face of melinda
Views: 886    Replies: 8
"Anyone fancy meeting up in Dundee for some poi? Have being doing it for a couple of weeks and am itching to start lighting them upBen "
Posted: by scratchfreak
Last Reply: by scratchfreak
Views: 858    Replies: 10
"Anyone here live in the sudbury area??? "
Posted: by dorje
Views: 542    Replies: 0
"Am trying to get a production company{collective} together to begin an annual light artistry festival going. I live in the blue mountains and am finding it ndifficult to find quirky, c..."
Posted: by WOFT
Last Reply: by solar_bear
Views: 6173    Replies: 13
"Hello All!I will be in Spain over June/July, somewhere near Seville from 23 June - 8 July and in Barcelona for the next week or so. My spanish is poor (actually non-existant), but I wou..."
Posted: by Orangest
Last Reply: by Valura
Views: 557    Replies: 2
"Hi to everyone, my name is Ry, i live in encinitas, CA, and me and me friends are trying to find more poiers in in the area. send me a messege or call me on my cell (760) 5218119"
Posted: by danceramy
Last Reply: by simta
Views: 654    Replies: 6
"Hey.I'm lookin for anyone in the Cannock, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Walsall type area. Any takers?I don't know anyone who does it in my area so I'm lookin for people to learn with as I'..."
Posted: by Flakpuppy
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"Looking for any other spinners or spinny type things in northern New Jersey. Anyone out there? Is this thing on? *tap* *tap* All I'm getting is an echo .... 'ello... 'ello... 'ello......"
Posted: by Vytautas
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"We are looking for new members in Lithuania.We welcome everyone who wants to join"
Posted: by lilith_in_london
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"Ol nin@s!Just wondering if there are many of us in HoP... and where based... Am very curious about spinning back home, are there many people doing it? Any organised meets? It would be ..."
Posted: by fire_sloth
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"i see a few people around the area are trying to meet up with others. just when i was starting to give up hope of finding other spinners in the area. anyway, im the groundsman for a sch..."
Posted: by Tigrrr
Last Reply: by fire_sloth
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"Anybody in the Stourbridge area? I live in Hagley and can get to the Brum/ Selly meets but would prefer to meet closer to home if anyone is about."
Posted: by Gayle......!
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
Views: 21168    Replies: 111
"If you're new to Bristol, or have been hunting around for Bristol people to spin with post here, or here:"
Posted: by Hulalula
Last Reply: by BansheeCat
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"Hello, I'm moving to Vancouver at the end of August and i'm looking for a poi-friendly place to rest my head!My boyfriend is coming out at the end of September, so I'm ideally looking f..."
Posted: by Nikka
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"Hey, are there any poi spinners among you from Slovakia , concretly Bratislava?If yes, I would be glad , if you sent me an email here , thanks "
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