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Hi all weavesmiley

I'm very new to poi and started the interest by seeing some young kids with poi (though my husband and I called them flying fish ubblol) on the bandstand in my local town. So being of the intrigued nature I went to presents and brought some, not very good ones but they work ubbloco
I'm looking for anyone in the preferably Woking area that could give me some poi-nters ( ubblocosorry please excuse my odd humor ubbloco) and get me going as I only have the peles element basic poi spinning dvd and they can't tell me what I'm doing wrong when my practise indoor poi (made from tennis balls) fly round and hit me in the face confused
I would be willing to pay per lesson but not stupid amounts but would be more than happy to join a group of poi enthusiasts to learn also. I live in Woking but can travel though by public transport so within easy travel distance and also work Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings so something at weekend would be good?
I'm not very athletic but have heard this is good exercise and as I am over weight too would do me the world of good. I'm a 32 year old mum of 3 and would like to learn something different.
Thanks for any help offered


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