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spinningstarletSILVER Member
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Location: Bradford *rolls eyes*, United Kingdom


i have decided to take matters into my own hands.
After doing a little solo spinning in bradford on Sunday surronded by my (non-spinning) friends, i realised that i found the perfect place for spinning.

i know a couple of non HOPpers that spin in bradford but unfortunatly they are not the most motivated of people.

i want to try and drag them out to play on a relativly regular basis, as it would be so much more fun for me to learn with other people (who can tell me if i'm getting it right, or just look like i'm flailing about!!)

this is possable, but i want to collect more and more people. i have a feeling that once there's a few of us more people might notice and get interested, but i am impatient dammit!

if anyone, anyone at all is interested it would be nice to arrange a date/time etc.


ebonyartworksBRONZE Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Hiya, I live just outside bradford and too have found no-one to spin with. Great as it is, lonesome poi makes us look abit daft. Do you know of others who spin in bfd? If so, maybe we could all get together. I have been spinning for a year, im not bad, but not quite great either. Do you know if the uni conventions are still on? maybe it would be worth checking them out....dunno?

Anyways, If you are intersted, could you reply to that way I will be able to get back to you faster! Cheers!

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