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Posted:hey, this goes out to all the spinners in chch. want to meet up and organise some sorta regular thing. at canty uni, so thought there might be 1 or 2 spinners there too. reply to this or PM me. as chch this is the home of homeofpoi, thought there should be a spinner or two in town. if there is a group of spinners already, would be keen to hook up with them.

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Posted:Not spinning, but juggling. There is one person there who does a little spinning, so I guess more won't hurt - unless they force all the jugglers out :-(

Kelhoon juggle


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Posted:NEW NEW NEW !!!
Hi guys i hoping that everyone will read this even though ive hopped on a thread -
is anyone in christchurch ??? im stuck here for a few days and im bored - anyone wanna spin?
drop me a pm if there's anything going on.
Becs xxx ubbrollsmile

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