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Stand_up_philosopherSILVER Member
15 posts
Location: Youngstown, OH, USA

looking to manifest some people in these areas! Nothing says that they can't be outside of these areas but I figure Pittsburg people have people to spin with, and so do Clevelanders. If theres any Athens ohio people out there that would be cool...
And for the love of nutella...if your in the area and read this...leave a post...*crickets chirping* it's lonely out here man...
-N- biggrin

"...Life is mysterious and inherently undefineable... "

slavix132BRONZE Member
1 post
Location: USA

im in that area form time to time
you want to do some spinnin next time im in the area

RovoGOLD Member
(the person actually known as Chris Bailey)
544 posts
Location: Austin, TX, USA

Some of Ohio Burn Unit is based in Akron. I would try and get in touch with them.

Peace, Love, Circles

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