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Posted: by Birdie
Last Reply: by thelost
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"Hi peopleMe and couple friends just started to do poi 2 months ago. We're new to HOP and wonder if anyone can lend us their referral code? We are just hoping to buy some fire poi with..."
Posted: by Mand
Last Reply: by Dr_Molly
Views: 1538    Replies: 11
"Is there anyone who knows Gatwick airport pretty well?This is my situation at the moment...I land in Gatwick north terminal at 8.30am on Thursday. My flight to Calgary leaves from Gatwi..."
Posted: by Frodo
Last Reply: by mech
Views: 1494    Replies: 9
"Okay.so this problem is for people that know me, or have met me in the last few months.i have a job interview for a college, students activites officer, and i will be working with 16 - ..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 3485    Replies: 31
"I turned on my computer this morning and it kept playing up. Programs wouldn't run and it kept telling me there were errors with this and that. Mainly the media player. It told me if I ..."
Posted: by poispirit
Last Reply: by GlitterBubble
Views: 866    Replies: 9
"Hi guys! maby somebody can give me a hint how i can learn the onehand butterfly easier. I try since a few days and can`t manage it. I think that I move my hand the right way. But i don..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
Views: 1272    Replies: 9
"Ok Ive somehow been signed up for the Jamster Club, and everytime I top up they send me three text messages in a row and eat about 7 quid of my credit up!Can someone tell me the code to..."
Posted: by FireNix
Last Reply: by Stone
Views: 911    Replies: 9
"HI there peopleIve just downloaded some Peer to peer software and I am wanting to get hold of some Circusy type music and performance music.Do people have any suggestions of track name..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Kyrian
Views: 3185    Replies: 7
"I'm trying to figure out a way to have emails sent out weekly that remind a friend of mine to turn in a work report... But I don't know how to set emails to be sent at a certain time! ..."
Posted: by FireNix
Last Reply: by bluecat
Views: 1499    Replies: 5
"HI there people.Well its that time of year again!That time of year where the FireNix mobile gets wrapped up for the winter, when I go off to sunnier climes. However this year its abit d..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
Views: 1081    Replies: 6
"Didn't there used to be some kind of "report thread" type button?I'm already tring to sort a browser problem with the admins, i don't want to bother them with things like a sperate emai..."
Posted: by i8beefy2
Last Reply: by TinklePants
Views: 1149    Replies: 14
"So I've checked all the craft stores in the area, and no one seems to have any idea where to get leather (though they all have the leatherworking tools... )I want to make some wrist gu..."
Posted: by Ning
Last Reply: by Ning
Views: 949    Replies: 6
"Hi all, please help! I'm trying to find the make up stuff you use on your face (not the neon stuff) you typically use when fire spinning. Where can I get the make up set & guide boo..."
Posted: by fuzzbubble
Last Reply: by JtJ
Views: 3125    Replies: 8
" Hi! Which clubs and torches would you choose for your performance? Henry's, Dube, Renegate, Infinite Illusion, Beard.. or maybe you have your sugestion Me personaly, I preffer Henrys,..."
Posted: by tac1005
Last Reply: by Frodo
Views: 952    Replies: 6
"I am trying to find people in the South West of England to help do display for November 5th....Firework night! Preferably around the Bath area... Needed for small village just South of ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by maus
Views: 1445    Replies: 11
"Okay..so...I get to choose from a pluthera of circus arts to receive free training in from professional trainers (I did a favor for them, this is what I get in return)...and I don't kno..."
Posted: by Batwalker
Last Reply: by FIRE_SPINNER
Views: 7435    Replies: 19
"Hi, can anyone help, I was thinking of Flying from Melbourne to Sydney (so I don't have to take the bus), does anyone know if they will let me take my fire poi on the plane? "
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Firetramp
Views: 1179    Replies: 3
"yeh youve all read the title and you've probably already seen this in the events forums but me and two friends need place to stay in london on the 12th of october would prefer to be so..."
Posted: by loki.c1687
Last Reply: by loki.c1687
Views: 1659    Replies: 7
"ello hoppers will this rope be ok to make a staff with i would like to rope as much of the staff as possible!mike.c"
Posted: by [noodles]
Last Reply: by Sporky
Views: 862    Replies: 4
"Hey all, Story is I want to buy a new paintball marker. Problem is I can't get it from the UK so I have to import it. Now I know I will have to pay some sort of import tax and VAT and w..."
Posted: by Havokist
Last Reply: by Havokist
Views: 677    Replies: 5
"i know there are quite a few computer literate people on this forum so...on my pc, whenever i try to play one of my games, as soon as it loads, the engine executable errors and shut the..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by Dunc
Views: 1165    Replies: 16
"Hi, I desperately need to borrow this film off someone, if anyone in the UK has it could i by any chance borrow it, i'll pay for the postage i only need it for a few days so i dont rea..."
Posted: by *:.Keira.:*
Last Reply: by *:.Keira.:*
Views: 1201    Replies: 2
"Hewoooosorry to be so silly i've done this once before but now cannot for the life of me figure it out again..how does one add a user to your friends list??<3 Keira"
Posted: by Lavatwilight
Last Reply: by Lavatwilight
Views: 795    Replies: 2
"ok so i need help from the londoners.am going to uni in egham, (just the other side of staines) and being student have no moneybut i need to get in to london at the weekend to see my gi..."
Posted: by evil_chris
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 646    Replies: 5
"how do you go about getting private insurance for performances??????? any advice or buisness names would be helpfull."
Posted: by poidreher
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 707    Replies: 3
" Hi! I would like to ask you which were the different materials used to be put in the fuel and make the fire of the fire-poi green, blue, violet, red etc., please help me cause i`m goin..."
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by [noodles]
Views: 1042    Replies: 3
"Recently a friend loaded 3 .jpgs from a USB key onto my iBook desktop. I have been able to copy them into iPhoto, but cannot do nothing else with them, ie rename them, delete them, or m..."
Posted: by FireNix
Last Reply: by FireNix
Views: 1598    Replies: 20
"Greetingas allI am currently in Basel in Switzerland at the end of my European tour this year. Its been a wonderful experience and a BIG and much to all those ive been in contact w..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by FireNix
Views: 1885    Replies: 20
"If I want to buy:Light swivelsBarrel swivelsQuick linksTriangular quick linksAnd cheap tennis balls, where should I go other than importing stuff via HoP?"
Posted: by marco
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1425    Replies: 5
"Not sure if this is the most suitable forum to place this, but here goes, and it's probably a little late, Indoor fire shows etc, not that I do that many of them, they are usually more ..."
Posted: by Sporky
Last Reply: by flamazine
Views: 1415    Replies: 10
"I was looking at the design for my new tattoo, a phoenix on my right arm, and thought it'd be cool to do a trail up my arm and then have the phoenix burn to reveal the tatt so that it l..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by bluecat
Views: 1059    Replies: 4
"i'm trying to get in touch with circus oz by email, and they only have phone or snail address on the website, and the subscription thing is not working.so, anybody who knows, or is in m..."
Posted: by Rung Arun
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 770    Replies: 4
"Hey there!I urgently need some inspiration!I was travelling in Thailand and India for about 10 months and now have to go back "home" to Germany Also there's lots of stuff just waiting..."
Posted: by Sethis
Last Reply: by flid
Views: 1485    Replies: 17
"Hi people,Just wondered if any of the PC techies out there could help me with this.I just bought a soundcard (Creative Soundblaster Live! 24-bit) and a set of speakers (Creative SBS 260..."
Posted: by ilovethefire
Views: 556    Replies: 0
"Got quite a few pics to up load, and was wondering if there is a way, which i've missed, to upload more than one pic? like a whole folder?If any one can help that would be great thanks ..."
Posted: by Heffaklump
Last Reply: by Heffaklump
Views: 669    Replies: 4
"Hello I have recently started using poi and I want to buy a pair now. I want to buy the set with soft poi with the DVD. But my question is can you remove the softballs and buy the led-l..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by maus
Views: 807    Replies: 1
"Do we have any silk screen printers out there that can produce high quality prints on good quality T-Shirts for a reasonable price.I'm looking to print my Creatures onto T-Shirts to sel..."
Posted: by SpitFire
Last Reply: by SpitFire
Views: 1957    Replies: 10
"OK, not poi related, but perhaps someone who knows a thing or two can help me with my network issue?I can't get my PC to release old IP addresses. The ipconfig /release command doesn't ..."
Posted: by EBaba
Last Reply: by flid
Views: 1275    Replies: 13
"Hi! Could anyone help me? When I try to download a video from community-videos I just get the file display_usa.php, or sometimes another extension (.avi .wmv etc.) Tried using both ie a..."
Posted: by Bertil Nilsson
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 813    Replies: 2
"Hello everyone!I'm a photographer in East London specialising in circus and I'm looking for a couple of fire poi and/or staff artists for a personal project I'm working on for the fall...."
Posted: by Baldie
Last Reply: by house_of_mill
Views: 1020    Replies: 5
"Hi, we've just got our son a diablo set and wondered if there was any where on the net with some sort of lessons or tips on using them.Cheers "
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
Views: 1413    Replies: 14
"I have been trying to find a map that shows where exactly Streatham is in respect to the local fire meets in London and also the main centre of the city.I am having no luck so I thought..."
Posted: by Psycho_lemming
Last Reply: by jinvincible
Views: 750    Replies: 2
"Does anyone know anything bout connecting a PC monitor to an Apple Mac computer?Both parts are really old.... a CTX monitor, and a 6400/200 Performer Macintosh (1999) We have a 6 switch..."
Posted: by Rovo
Last Reply: by MiG
Views: 4304    Replies: 19
"Last night I recorded my first video. I think were going to throw that one out and rerord tonight becuase it didn'tcome out how I wanted. I was wondering what format is the best to use ..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by blu_valley
Views: 4309    Replies: 16
"What should I look for, and/or anyone want to help me? Its not to be immideatly, as I've not even close to sorted visas, but I'm praying for march, at least.... But I need to know what..."
Posted: by Socks
Last Reply: by bender
Views: 2637    Replies: 20
"I'm working on an animated gif for the HoP stuff here, as much as I like my puppy juggle. In therory, it'll look like one I uploaded to the gallery, but a lot smaller and tighter.Probl..."
Posted: by 87wt2gxq7
Last Reply: by Aryth
Views: 1374    Replies: 9
"Is there any way you can change the font size in your posts?Yes I've tried searching (nothing relevant came up) and checking the FAQ (doesn't say definitively whether you can or can't) ..."
Posted: by Frederik
Last Reply: by TinklePants
Views: 1378    Replies: 4
"After my question about leahter and nylon loops, ive an other question for people who have experience with fire poi..i havent yet...and this is one of the things i want to know before..."
Posted: by Poirate pegleg
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 1007    Replies: 8
"I want a title but dont know how please help "
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
Views: 1138    Replies: 3
"Whilst doodling the other day a little robot spinning poi appeared. I think he's really cute and would love to learn how to animate him.Does anyone here know how to use Flash.... or any..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by house_of_mill
Views: 1445    Replies: 12
"Where do you get the netting for making poi out of aerotech balls?Do you have to go out and buy packets of washing detergent, or is there an easier way to find them?"
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