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PeleBRONZE Member
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Posted: get to choose from a pluthera of circus arts to receive free training in from professional trainers (I did a favor for them, this is what I get in return)...and I don't know what to choose.

I have always had problems with Diabolo that I want remedied, but then there is the Unicycle and some aerials and walking globes and slack rope and........ do I choose???????

I thought about chosing based on props I can purchase myself...and have the room to store...but that's too practical.

HELP or I'll just DIE!!!!!!!!!!! wink
(I don't think I need the acting-melodrama class ubblol )

TA! ubbloco

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try learning the flaming rizla of death...

Diablo is good.
2 Diablae are better.
3 Diablae is impossible. tongue

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learn how to fit 15 clowns into a really small car biggrin

robertsBRONZE Member
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choose something that will be difficult to find a trainer for in the future. that way your gaining knowledge in a skill you may not have the opportunity to gain someplace else. of course, make sure its something your interested in and excited about learning. good luck and keep us posted on what you decide.

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IfritBRONZE Member
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Good call roberts .

My 2C would be that diabolo would be the 1 to go for (not biased or anything) but inspead of just learning a few more 1D tricks try an get them to show you how to do 2D.

Its not as big a step as some might think and to get the basic shuffle going can take as little as 2 hours solid in my experience with teaching adequete 1Diaboloist.

However i do confess that this is most likly me trying to act on an experimen ive been itching to try out for a long time. Just to see if i could get a noive to run througt the process of getting to 2D shouffle in as short a time as possible.

1. teach them ho to get alot of spin.
2. teaching them to throw a diabolo so as they can catch it spinning
3. get them to get 1 diabolo spinning then throw in the second and get them shuffling.

It does sound a bit like skiping about 6 months worth of diabolo practise but im sure you could do it . Go on prove me right smile

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FrodoBRONZE Member
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learn things like, aerial, etc... they are hard to come across and cant be done on a street corner with a couple of mates!

just like roberts suggested!

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onewheeldaveGOLD Member
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A very important thing with 2 diabolos is to use the right type- it's generally considered that small/medium size diabolos are neither good to learn with, or good to use for two, even when you have got it down.

Henry's 'jumbo' model was, and to an extent, still is, considered the diabalo of choice for two; a lot of diabalists are now using the large 'Finnese' diabalos.

Personaly I think learning the shuffle in two hours is exceptional (unless you mean someone throwing a 2nd diabalo in and then simply keeping it going for a bit).

The actual 2 diabalo shuffle is fairly easy; throwing in the 2nd diabalo is more tricky, and 'correcting' them (so as to keep the shuffle going) is harder still.

It's interesting to see how, with the recent massive upsurge in diabalo, that two diabalo has gone from being considered a fairly advanced trick, to its present state of being considerd pretty much a beginners move.


Pele, I think improved skill with diabalo is always a good thing- the advantage would be that, as it's getting so popular, skill wiith it will be very handy if you're running workshops.

The downside is that it sometimes seems like everybody is doing it, and, as a result, the technical side has gone through the roof. At the conventions over here, pretty much all the diabalists are doing advanced two diabalo stuff and, for anyone who wants to 'stand out' at diabalo, they've really got their work cut out.

Personally, I'd look into getting some instruction in 'muni' (off road unicycling) as it's a lot of fun and something you can very much relax into, take at your own pace and just enjoy getting around on an unfeasilbe looking, but actually very practical, form of transport.

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mechBRONZE Member
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maybe rather than fcusing on just one act, you could look at doing low to medium level of several acts

like some medium level diabolo, some beginners uni, some rope work?

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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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So, what did you go for?


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PukSILVER Member
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Not the Dia-boolo i hope . Those are evil (after it's like spelling devil in spanish not quite but close).

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MiGGOLD Member
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and french, and italian... (i think)

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my record for 3 diabolos is 40 throws

mausBRONZE Member
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would have to choose aerial myself.....opportunities to learn it don't seem to come up that often,and its a very useful skill that in my experience,tends to make a lot of money.

very versatile,and can be tailored to almost any event!x

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