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Hi people

Me and couple friends just started to do poi 2 months ago. We're new to HOP and wonder if anyone can lend us their referral code? thankx We are just hoping to buy some fire poi with discounted prices, may be around 20% off... (we are a bunch of poor students ubbloco )

It'll be cool if anyone of you can lend us a referral code. Please email it to us via

Thanks alot!!! ubblove thankx

PS: I hope this is ok to ask for the code actually...I know that we cant advertise it here...hopefully its ok to ask for one...


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eek ubblol

You also get discounted prices if you introduce someone new to HOP who buys things. Or ost on te message boards. Or buy stuff to start with. You can also get a discount for being nice on here. smile


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It says that you can give the code to friends, as long as it isn't advertised on the forums etc i think, so getting someone to give you a referral code should be ok.

As a student as well, I'd love to help you out (as helping you is also helping myself) but I haven't got as much as 20% off yet though

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