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Posted: by Sir Nuggit
Last Reply: by loki.c1687
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" Well I haven't had such a random night since the night I slept in a cupboard in a pub!Big thanks to Spacey for adding a little life to an otherwise dead day.We met up at Great Portland..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"first of allwould you prefer to be too hot or too colddo you like cold weather better than hot, or vice or cold, do you prefer tea, coffee etc to orange juice and othe..."
Posted: by Mynci
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"Have recently found a baby fish in my fish tank...not uncommon but had only just bought a bag of mollies with the intention of breeding and using them to feed my big fish.(Please no "yo..."
Posted: by Sam Jelfs
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Posted: by heyahoney
Last Reply: by heyahoney
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"Marshall finally got down on one of his knees and asked me to marry him!!!! Yay. He gave me a 3 stone saphire ring, one stone is 2 1/2 carat and the other two are 1 carat, and they are ..."
Posted: by melon
Last Reply: by melon
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"anyone know any good ideas where the remote for my tv might have dissapeared to? i cant find it anywhere "
Posted: by Melemel
Last Reply: by Seb
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"Not that im getting one unfortunately...but its tricky.. There can be only so many clubs called 'the warehouse' in the country..."
Posted: by Sethis
Last Reply: by Birgit
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"Are any of the HoPers on I know it's ostensibly a dating site, but there's also some really funny tests, and great people there.If you are, then feel free to post your User..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by The Tea Fairy
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" I was mentioning this poem to Flash Fire and told her I would send a copy to her, but then I thought that this is such an amazing poem that is should go on the bb for all the ..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by Fire Taiger
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"Im a 22 year old guy, approx 5'8" and ~115lb. Im extremely skinny. At the same time, I dont eat healthy at all. My diet consists mainly of fast food and other supposedly fattening fo..."
Posted: by Chumpy
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"28th May 2005Call 07843 163 166 on the night....and bring your staff (soz, we've got no more info atm)"
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"www.thesmokehammer.comGet the entire video. Then laugh lots. Thusly..."
Posted: by Dunc
Last Reply: by Raro
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"another silly pointless personality thing that doesn't account for half of the worlds variances but is general enough to make you think it's all about you. I like it cuz me and george b..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by Mags The Jedi
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"Only 60% of people in internet chat rooms actually laugh out loud when they type LOL. Significantly fewer roll on the floor laughing, approximately 12%, though its hard to measure as th..."
Posted: by hottieboyo7
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
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"ive been doing poi for a few years and im ok at i cant do the real hard trix but i can do the ok ones got all my basics down and i can wow people who dont know too much about it. i ..."
Posted: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
Last Reply: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
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"i just got done making a website for a local bagpipe band, and got it temporary hosting while we work out where to buy from. I have a couple questions for anyone who has some spare tim..."
Posted: by clarence_quack
Last Reply: by Hanz
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"I just realised that i have no friends. ok, that sounds really bad. what i mean is that i looked at my home page, and in the little box where it says friends, i had, well... nothing. an..."
Posted: by Twisthem488
Last Reply: by ado-p
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"Just wondering, but how many have taken your manipulation past just a hobby. Whether it be part time, or a full time career. What exactly do you do, and how well are things working out?..."
Posted: by Valura
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Posted: by _Clare_
Last Reply: by Bubbles_
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"Hellos all... someone called PMB-Bun has just registered... and they're number 19995 - that means in 5 more people, HoP will have 20,000 members.. So anyone want to take a guess at ho..."
Posted: by veedub
Last Reply: by Delirium_Star
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"Is there anyone in South Hants, around Portsmouth area who want to meet up for a few social fire sessions? Would be great if there is any one who wouldn't mind giving me a few lessons t..."
Posted: by Psyri
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"So how are things on here? Aint been on hop for a while I've been missing out, but seeing as I'm backl at tinkering with me poi, I required some more inspiration.Also started juggling a..."
Posted: by FlamingOberon
Last Reply: by GothFrogette
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"So I have a job interview/screening on in 2 days, and i have/had an orange mohawk and orange facial hair, which i had to shave off to be "presentable"... but i have had a beard or goate..."
Posted: by Konsti
Last Reply: by the looney bean
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" british kung fu made 5 out of 6 friends of mine crack up, thought id share. this was actually shot in support of the red nose day....contains some rude language, so watch out working ..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by the looney bean
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"I was just thinking how there should be a channel on TV for learning to do things. If you wake up early enough, you can sometimes catch a yoga lesson... Or if you watch late enough at ..."
Posted: by melon
Last Reply: by Boo_Bunny
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" jus thought id pop in and introduce meself, im kinda new to poi but im lovin it so far"
Posted: by spellfallen
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"if it is illegal to drink and drive then why do bars have parking lots"
Posted: by meghann
Last Reply: by Dressed in Black
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"we,, a freind of mine decised to go on a mish to make us all fluffy poi, i asked her if she could make mine slightly heavier by putting weights in the tennis balls as i am used to cathe..."
Posted: by mtbeer
Last Reply: by brodieman
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"Opens May 19thAnyone catch the new trailer today? (not the teaser trailer ) It looks friggin amazing and bonus, I didn't see Jar Jar."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"Try this - a fan film, which takes place between Ep3 and Ep4! Not watched it yet, still downloading, but available free at... Star Wars: REVELATIONS Let me know what you think! It's ab..."
Posted: by pyromania
Last Reply: by ilsanya
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"( a place to talk about wrong things happening at the wrong time)"
Posted: by melon
Last Reply: by rowanlee
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"im so happy, hehehehe i must go and play!! catch ya later "
Posted: by fussy
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Posted: by marmalade
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Posted: by roarfire
Last Reply: by heyahoney
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"Some people say it's bad and it causes arthritis, others say it's just like little air bubbles and that it's harmless.What do you think?Good or bad?Some people get offended when people ..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by nearly_all_gone
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"On the odd time when im awake at such a time and happen to have the TV on the peoples court may be on, my god what is this rubbish, yet I feel compelled to watch it.I dont think I have ..."
Posted: by monkeynamedspank
Last Reply: by Captain_Hi_Top
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" rules are in japanese but it basically involves clicking your mouse button.My best score was mid 2000s but you can get a lot higher."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by fluffy napalm fairy
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"Aaight. A while back I was lost in the ways of the subtle differences in electronic music but it seems that the nice folks at digitally imported have come up with... "Ishkur's Guide to..."
Posted: by TeeJay
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"Hey !So busy it's been crazy .We've been working hard all year for our Fireknife Competition here in American Samoa - it worked out great . My oldest son took the Junior division champi..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by myco
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"! Finally a pressure group for me "
Posted: by roarfire
Last Reply: by Hanz
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"I remember when I joined a sort of venturer group there were two adults talking about a person who"Likes to swim, but doesn't like swimming""Likes to juggle, but doesn't like juggling" ..."
Posted: by boardies
Last Reply: by myco
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"What do peolpe expect you to wear to weddings? I'm not a big follower of all this tradition and etiquette but I have my first wedding reception on Sunday! Now if I wear what I'm confort..."
Posted: by Eamonn
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"me and my friend chooie go down to the beach in newbrighton (just over the water from liverpool on a thursday night at 7:00 and teach a few people how to poi. now theres about ten peopl..."
Posted: by SNOOPoi
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
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"hey everyone!i have a new guitar but i don't know how to play it yet the first song i'm gonna learn is the distillers - city of angles. i love that song. my guitar is black and has six..."
Posted: by Nate
Last Reply: by bing!
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"my brother and his band played at the local bar sort of place this tuesday, which was a singles night ( a night where "unheard" of bands play in a competition, the prize being getting a..."
Posted: by Parafinfairy
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"... or doughnuts or TimTams!!!! Its getting beyond a joke!! We're doing a detox and we're on a vegan diet with no caffine, alcohol, sugar, pies or anything . Ben-ja-men thinks the b..."
Posted: by Sir Nuggit
Last Reply: by munkypunks
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"...Naughty or Cheeky?"
Posted: by ROBZILLA
Last Reply: by the looney bean
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"ok....i'm new here, who does what and where does you does it?"
Posted: by Psycho_lemming
Last Reply: by the looney bean
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"some thoughts... i would love to learn to ride a motorbike, ( day)... it will be almost a year no driving for me soon.... i was talking about this with a friend last night a..."
Posted: by Bumfro
Last Reply: by Bumfro
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"Just thought i'd let you all have a peek at me!head to the photo of all the little heads that come up im the very bottom right one........WOOO i might get a free sh..."
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