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Posted:Hey !
So busy it's been crazy .
We've been working hard all year for our Fireknife Competition here in American Samoa - it worked out great . My oldest son took the Junior division championship, while my middle son took third place.
Unfortunately, my youngest son got handed a set of doubles which had not been shaken off (problems backstage). When he went to do his flat shoulder spin his whole chest caught on fire .
Of course, he's been well trained - so he just dropped his knives, started patting the flames out, then dropped and rolled. He only suffered minor first degree burns and was back dancing a week later. (He's 12). Scary, but a very good example of why we train for just such emergencies. My oldest took the championship and my middle son took third.
Anyway -2 weeks after that we were in Hawaii for the PCC Competition. My little one did great, but barely missed placing. My oldest took second place (he dropped a couple of times), while my middle son (14 years old) took third.

We're home now 'till September, when we go to Anaheim for the competition there.



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Posted:hoorah for fire knives!

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