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Forums > Social Chat > The best "hole in the wall" eatery you've ever been to?

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Member Since: 28th Nov 2004
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Posted:I was out with a friend tonight (who I'm helping learn staff, we're both works in progress). At around 1:30 AM we went out to this hole-in-the-wall Mexican resturant in Chicago. 24 hour place, salsa to die for. I ordered something I couldn't pronounce that had both sides of the poultry life in it. (Eggs, chicken, and something I don't know what it was) **drools** Anywhere you can get food at 2:30 AM is good. When they hand-make the ingredients, it's better. When they cook for you like they cook for their own children... Mmmm... yesssss....

It got me thinking of other places I've been, small resturants that nobody would even know about except that the food is so incredible that people will beat a path to the door of these places.

So I guess I'm asking 'yall for the best unknown places you've eaten. Even vague recolections of a place in Italy is fine, I'm just curious to it, really.

Like the time when I was in London, I was outside Picadilly Curcus looking for something else unrelated, and I walked past this Chinese resturant. It looked packed, with Chinese people. And I knew I had to eat there. And I did, and didn't regret it. It's the same theory of this other Mexican food place I ate at once, they didn't speak a word of english (in the Chicagoland area, mind you). I mentioned this to my friend, who said "Then it's going to be good." It was authentic enough to make my friend (native of New Mexico) smile and say "Yes, this is right." Meanwhile the salsa made my tongue explode.

That and there's this pizza place in the suburbs of Chicago. The place isn't larger than the kitchen in my home, but they have deep dish pizza that's making my mouth water as I type here. If you've never had Chicago deep dish, it's a treat. (Unless you're from New York, in which case it's an abomination....)

So, share? I like hearing stories from all over exploring a universal truth. We all like good food.


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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Posted:last week, me and a mate from america went to this waffle place. we were told, go to flinders st station (the big train station here) walk along the underground part till it ends at a flight of stairs. so we did, and walked up those stairs, and Lo and Behold, we saw the sign: "Belgian Waffles." we ordered the waffles from a french lady, and talked to a french guy who made coffee.
They were the bestest waffles i have ever had. ive been there 3 times now and am bound to go back.

cheers, pete biggrin

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Posted:Brunetti's on Lygon St Melbourne. As you walk in there's fridges full of all these exotic huge and rich cakes. Really dark choclatey ones with waffley things sticking out or shreds of chocolates with strawberries etc. They look amazing. I felt like I was in heaven!

It's got a bakery, gellati, pizza, hot drinks....really nice italian tea!

I love my brother for taking me there!

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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

water based
Location: melbourne
Member Since: 20th Sep 2004
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Posted:im there biggrin

"you know there are no trophys for doing silly things in real life yeah pete?" said ant "you wont get a 'listened to ride of the valkyries all the way to vietnam' trophy"

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Posted:the one on piccadilly bus station in manc. amazing spring rolls


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Posted:Theres an amazing pakora place near me, just out of town. People will trapse all the way over there, even though its the opposite direction to the buses and trains.

So good and so cheap, so many to chose from so mmmmmmmmm

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vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:my favorite hole in the wall is either sunshine in arlington or rack daddys in fort worth

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Posted:there's all kinds of awesome restraunts in the shopping centre near my house, and tehy're all really small and unique. my favourite is this little thai joint called thai tamarind, we're allways the only people there, and teh food is to die for. there's also a korean barbecue, which is a wee bit antimidating because we have no idea waht we're suppose to do, there's only about three people working there who speak english, it's a lot of fun. there's also a chinese buffet, which always has fun weird stuff. then there's the mexican place, which is pretty good, too.


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Location: Tas, Aus
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Posted:there is a wonderfull little lebanese place in queenstown, nz that has the best icecream EVER

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Posted:Milans coffee shop-Great coffee, better Hot chocolate, cakes that make you drool from acrross the room and a choice of 3 different sitting areas (i know its not exacly a hole-in-the-wall eatery, but its the best foody place in town)- down a side street of the main shopping street in Harrogate

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Posted:many moons ago wen i was in turkey i discoverd a sweet pastry type food called baclawa (pronounced baclava) which i loved! its pastry but with nuts and syrup and really nice!
i was casualy stumbling towards a takeaway in manchester one stary night, with a friend who told me of a really nice takeaway and when we got there guess what i saw! biggrin i had to buy a tray and when i tried one they were better than i remember bounce definate recomendation! biggrin
i always try and head that way when i stubbling home now!

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Posted:There's a lady in Paris who does a mean Nutella and banana crepe! Think she was somewhere along Blvd de Sebastopol, while I was trekking over to Montmarte. This is her:

Non-Https Image Link


Also, sometime in 1997 I had an awesome pecan kahlua cheesecake at a restaurant which seemed to be on a platform extending into the river in somewhere in Perth..


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Posted:what exactly in a hole-in-the-wall eatery? around where i live, a hole in the wall is an ATM.

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:There's a place in Ann Arbor called Jerusalem Garden. Cheap as can be and LOTS of really good middle-eastern food. Total dump, but SUCH good food! One of the few things I'll miss about Ann Arbor.

-Mike )'(
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