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Posted:my brother and his band played at the local bar sort of place this tuesday, which was a singles night ( a night where "unheard" of bands play in a competition, the prize being getting a single recorded in a studio or something

they might have been slightly offensive towards the members of the croud that were "emo's" in the fact that my brother got the crowd to shout emo when he said f**k, but i personally saw some of the "emo" people joining in on the whole thing

the other songs in the set included "i love kittens" and "too drunk to rock n roll"

the next morning i found out he and his band had been banned from playing in the cavern, for swearing too much-[censored] other bands swore alot more than they did, and being offensive towards others-even when they were joining in?

there have been bands before RPM(brothers band) that have been alot more offensive to others, one singles club band called dave mcpherson a [censored] and didnt gt a word said to them

this really pissed me off because they would have won if it wasnt for the stupid people at the cavern who cant take a fricking joke

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Posted:i can see where you're coming from but dont you think the promoter or the guy who owns the place has a obligation to see that the venue is putting on respectable bands. im not saying swearing in songs is not needed but a band who swears for the sake of swearing or glorifies it, makes not only the band seem immature but also can damage the respectability of the venue

the band may have been good but in my opinion if they swear just because they can then theyre not worth listening to

but then again from my expereince promoters are censored censored who should get down off their high censored horse and let people do what the censored they like! wink

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