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Virtual bubblewrap

It's a nice idea, but not nearly as fun as the real suff. Still fun, though.

I heart bubble wrap.


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that is sooooo much fun! clap You're right, not as good as the real thing though. I sent an e-card to all my friends!

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OMG that's amazing.

I get loads of bubble wrap at my work, and they're fairly big bubbles too.

I like bubble wrap.

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Regards hug

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what a fun way to end the afternoon at work

*are those my feet?!*

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Bubble wrap rocks my world!!!! biggrin

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Bubble wrap personality test!


ooh and you can put your bubble popping to test and pop against the clock! still not as good as the real thing though. My boyfriend brought some of the stuff with the really big bubbles in it home from work....best present ever! biggrin

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I had like a whole lot of fun
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hehe biggrin

also strangely entertaining.....


also check out some of the poetry dedicated to staplers.... smile

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lol fantastic..

though real is so much better!..

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I like bubble wrap too, I got some paper backed stuff as part of an envelope today and am thinking of sending a bit to someone or getting some new stuff without the paper on it cos after a while it hurts popping fingers. I think a singular bubble in a ring box or on an invitation (or a survey! Pop this bubble for yes, this one for no!) would be rather natty. Or lots and lots of i wrapping the invitation, and the invitation's card and has colourful swirly writing on it and, and and...#Foams at the mouth and begind to try to blow bobbles off his tounge into the air. COnsiders going catatonic#

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