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Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Gidg
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"Don't bother reading this: it's just the result of random neuron firings that happened today during swim practice.Swim PracticeI am stripped naked except for a thin piece of cloth satis..."
Posted: by linden rathen
Last Reply: by linden rathen
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"ok so im thinking of getting a tattoo at the moment (and for the last few months) i think the best one to get done is a version of my avitar - probably in black - on my left shoulder i ..."
Posted: by Mark P
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"After seeing a photo as I logged in I am under the impression that there might be appearance of Green LED beaming Poi.It isnt clear by looking at the HoP shop as to wether the beamers a..."
Posted: by Domino
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"...but I can't really figure out how.Similar to the "french military victorys" Google joke only... well... it looks real Go to Google, type "failure" and hit "I Feel Lucky" "
Posted: by duvan
Last Reply: by TheSilverShadow
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"hi poipleI am looking for the DJ Shadow double cd "diminishing returns"the website says it has been selled a very few times onlyarrrnbl - is there anybody on this forum having the cd an..."
Posted: by robnunchucks
Last Reply: by Frodo
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"aright all i've notised has been down for afew days with a message saying it will be back shortly anyone know whats going on with it?"
Posted: by Kazza
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"Ok random thread but i went out last night and was shocked by the behaviour of the dj. Dont get me wrong, im not a prude but i ended up in the dj booth with my mate having people chant..."
Posted: by Domino
Last Reply: by Domino
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"First time I've done fire in about two weeks to the biggest crowd yet - part of a show at a bar.Went as 'bout as baddly as I could have hoped. Dropped every catch, hit myself, tangled, ..."
Posted: by Flashburn
Last Reply: by bing!
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"heya all can anyone help me out , im setting up as a new solo fire spinner takeing bookings for events etc, and need some help on finding out about the cheapest and most reliable places..."
Posted: by TinklePants
Last Reply: by jinvincible
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"Yes i lit up for the first time last night - yeah baby!My fire virginity has gone up in smoke hahaWhat a rush! the sound is just awesome!The video is in my gallery - check the video for..."
Posted: by oli
Last Reply: by Esme
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"i feel like the luckiest person in the world, i just went for a little walk past some hedges and came back with loads of blackberries... mmmmm"
Posted: by roarfire
Last Reply: by [noodles]
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"UPDATE: Juggling idea is gone! Had to scrap this idea. New idea further down "
Posted: by melon
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"ok heres a thing.......why does buttered bread always land butterside down?................i have a very simple solution..........drop the bread the butter it "
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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Posted: by Thumperabbit
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Posted: by Flame Boy
Last Reply: by gita
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"Why aren't our post counts shown any more? :shocked:How are we supposed to know how many posts peeps have now!?!?!How are we gonna know when Catus reaches 20'000!?!?!How are we gonna kn..."
Posted: by Pipsy_loo
Last Reply: by Flame Boy
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"Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had some pictures of you using your Poi that I may be able to use for a project I'm working on?! Fire, led or normal poi, any ones would be great..."
Posted: by Matty_B
Last Reply: by robnunchucks
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"I was chatting to Rossco about this in the pub the other day, and one of the cardiff guys Matt (obviously not me) still had his PLAY band on . . I just thought it would be fun to see w..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by crumble
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"Is it just me or are the 'socks' not really socks at all, there reeeally long, aqnd i dunno about girl socks but mens socks arnt even like...1 8th the size :PSock poi are really more li..."
Posted: by Bender_the_Offender
Last Reply: by Flame Boy
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"Is this parasite messed up or what?!Written by:Tongue-eating bug found in fishThe bug inside the fishA gross creature which gobbles up a fish's tongue and then replaces it with its own ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by MurfdaSmurf
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"Yes, happens to the best of us.Oh, and it happens to me, too. Here it is two hours before I have to be awake and I sat up bolt-upright and wide awake. I had a monster swim..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
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"Sitting here watching this terrible show with my aunt.guess where my self esteem is right body is average size. i am heavier at the moment than i am in the middle of rowing seaso..."
Posted: by TheBovrilMonkey
Last Reply: by siren1987
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"Having just got back from a pub where at least two thirds of the people there were smoking like chimneys, I'm really pissed off.Not only are my eyes still stinging, but my throat is fee..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by mtbeer
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" HOPE THIS LINK WORKS PEOPLE!!!! take out all your pent up agression on this little bleeder now!!! "
Posted: by AceOfHearts
Last Reply: by linden rathen
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"Me and my friend, her mom, and grandma went to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a little summer vacation.The whole Busker thing was on the go that week so we decided to go. At first we thought ..."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by Spiral
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"I love these, my favoruites are...Eat an apple pip and a tree will grow in your tummyEating bredcrusts makes your hair curlywhats everyone elses?"
Posted: by Charles
Last Reply: by FireByNite
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"Ive always tried to share positive threads and stories on HoP, but Id like to share a situation (for me anyway) that became really distasteful.The NZ Juggling festival was held last w..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Hanz
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"A person at work said today "Oh, he's not happy. They've sent him to Coventry" they meant by that that the person wasn't being talked to by everyone else.Where did that saying come from..."
Posted: by OddBall Ninja
Last Reply: by FireByNite
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"I went out with my fire poi for the first time last night... all i can say is WWWWOOOOOOOOO.. man that was good.. i only tried some weaves etc but i only freaked out once.. what an adre..."
Posted: by Pink...?
Last Reply: by Adya Miriyana
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"Never, ever work for HBOS (bank of scotland). If you do already work for them, i pity you. Reason for this?I applied for a job with them, and got offered it, end of July. Then they said..."
Posted: by LMSP
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"I've been watching the CBeebies channel with my son and I actualy think my brain has begun to decompose! I can now only count in brightly colored shapes. Is this channel rotting my brai..."
Posted: by bing!
Last Reply: by LMSP
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"did anyone see that new late night hollyoaks on monday? some lass was spinning poi for lee and bumfluff (or whatever hes called). it was shown inbetween some girl shooting pingpong ball..."
Posted: by TinklePants
Last Reply: by LMSP
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"went to a class for advanced poi in town yesterday.It was brilliant to spin with others, even if they were all under 18! apart from the girl running the workshop, I'm the only adult the..."
Posted: by Lavatwilight
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
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" clothes pegs that lock, i can just imiagine all the kids coming in saying "mum the pegs wont let me put it out honest".....the sillyness of parts of the world these days"
Posted: by dromepixie
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Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by bender
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"I got my practice POI and video the other day. I like the streamers.. The video was very well done i thought. Very easy to follow for peeps that are just starting. I bought the video an..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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"Oh My God, I haven't seen this for a very loong time.Here it is again for your viewing pleasure the back door into the HOP created by malcolm from the HOP archiveMuch funny htt..."
Posted: by L0s3r_r@v3r
Last Reply: by L0s3r_r@v3r
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".. Okay.. now this &lbr;censored&rbr; sucks ended up going to the dc. today.. and he said that these lumps on my neck could posably be cancer of the lymphnodes.. *cries* it may not be b..."
Posted: by Narr
Last Reply: by Narr
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"so yeah i got a puppy...well not yet in 2 weeks, problem is i have no idea what to call her, i did want to call her Bo (as in Bo Derek ) but mech is being a meanie and doesnt like it ...."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by Lemonkey
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"I am sitting here in front of my computer at 6 in the morning.I am in shock and extremely upset after what has happened to myself, my boyfriend and a friend who was with us at the time...."
Posted: by Flashburn
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"hi i was wondering if anyone new of any fire spinning tournaments in the uk"
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Noddy
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"I just took a LOOOONG, hot shower, and in a fit of orgiastic bliss, smeared my entire body in moisturizing lotion.I don't quite feel normal yet, but I'm getting there.OK... Reasons BRC..."
Posted: by TinklePants
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"i keep forgetting to go to the drug store and buy some cream for this terrible affliction. anyone know of any home remedies?"
Posted: by GothFrogette
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"well last night i was due to do my first fire spinning gig and i couldn't find the sodding place. in my defence the directions were no good.... i was told it was Walting street A5 and i..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"Couldn't get tickets? Didn't feel like flying thousands of miles to get sunburned and sandy? Hate the smell of hippies? Well you can have all the fun of Burningman without any of the..."
Posted: by doctor_fandango
Last Reply: by doctor_fandango
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"does anyone know what lou reed(singer/songwriter & guitarist with the velvet underground) is doing these days? is he still recording? is he producing?.. .."
Posted: by wu wei
Last Reply: by wu wei
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"Hi there! I am in Korea, having flown over from NZ on Sunday 28th of June 2005. In addition to my blog, I am posting a little forum here for any and all poi-heads whith an interest in K..."
Posted: by Jastapus
Last Reply: by Arty Farty
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"If there is a load of dog hair scattered about, say in a garden, would a bird make a nest out of it? i no ur all saying yeah sure, y wouldnt it, but this is a differnt bird, it has a fe..."
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
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"Does anyone have any house hunting stories?I began looking today for my first house to buy. I've looked for places to rent before, but the thing about looking at rented accomodation is ..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Arty Farty
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"I dont post in 'chat' much, but at last I feel that I can offer something of value here-This is a short movie of Tyson the skateboarding bulldog-"
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