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Posted:Does anyone have any house hunting stories?

I began looking today for my first house to buy. I've looked for places to rent before, but the thing about looking at rented accomodation is that you meet tenants or the estate agent, not the person whose been living there far too long.

It's really voyeuristic, and a little scary, to see houses where the internal decor looks absoluetly disgusting, with a home owner whose really proud of the work and keeps asking you whether you like it, when the only thing going through your mind is how much it would cost to gut it out and start again. You also get to meet complete weirdos, who'd freak you out on the street, let alone inside their home. I'm not talking people who dress differently, worship different gods or anything like that, i mean people who look pretty normal, then just act like the reason they are moving out is because their wive is probably burried between the floor boards. Having viewed 4 properties today and met 3 really nice and helpful people, we got kicked out half way through one viewing by a guy who just flipped half way through and told it was time to leave, herding us downstairs and closing the front door behind us without even saying goodbye, leaving my mother still in the back garden. She was thrown out 30 seconds later completely oblivious to what had just happened upstairs. I don't know whether he was just not used to people and paniced when he saw people looking around his space, but it was just tres bizarre. Needless to say I won't be putting in an offer on that house (which incidently falls into the category of very proud homeowner of a hideous 80s burger bar style kitchen that he did himself).

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Posted:I think you may have left your ability to start new paragraphs in one of the houses tongue

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Posted:I loath house hunting, ive had to do it the past four years in a row. My first ever landlord met us to show us around 369 Wimborne Rd Bournemouth. He came dressed in an the shortest shorts, sandles (which bared his fungal infested feet), and a vest. Needless to say we took the house.

When it came to signing the contract, we went round to his house and he introduced us to his 'daughter' which looked romotley UNLIKE him. She, being about 23, carefully positioned herself on his lap, and would kiss him on the lips. Daughter my arse!!!

That was the beggining of us being absorbed into their sorded lives. I cant complain though. When the washing machine, cooker, micro-wave, and irons broke at various times throughout the yr, they were both on hand to fix it.

We lived above a darts shop, a bakey, a haridresses, and an indian. You could always guess what time it was when the smells would seap through the walls. I'll never forget the smell of perming lotion in the morning.

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Posted:I've house hunted loads and loads. Both to rent and to buy.

When I was buying I decided upon my very upper limit took about 5k off that and looked at nearly everything at that and under that price. That way you get a feel for what your money can buy you. You might find as I did that you walk into a house and it instantly feel right. I had this happen in 3 houses. One I was gazzumped on, another was taken off the market and the thrid one is the one I'm living in now.

Make sure you view a house you think you like several times and always at different times of day and on different days. That will let you know more about noise/traffic/neighbour problems. Always get a survey done by an independant surveyer. Try and view houses on rainy days. That way you get to see if it has a damp/natural light problem and if the guttering/drains work. If the house needs work on it ask if you can take a couple of builders around to quote you for the work needed doing. If the quotes and combined house price come above the top amount you want to spend plus the 5k you put by then you know you can't afford it. (I went wrong on this and now have a half renovated house and no money left)

Good Luck! I'm sure you'll find something perfect hug

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