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Posted: by Fire_Moose
Last Reply: by fake teeth and glue
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"i think it's ok to laugh becuase he is so good right?<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><para..."
Posted: by Kit
Last Reply: by fake teeth and glue
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"Just to let all the old schoolers know... keeping it as vague and clean as possible. sandy just thwapped was hilarious. especially due to the fact Coleman had to hold him down.w..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by darkness-before
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"Pretty self-explanitory, really. Just any 5 things you loved when you were 5 (or little in general, if you can't remember that far back ).1 - Dogger. My favourite book about a boy who ..."
Posted: by Sambo_Flux
Last Reply: by The Tea Fairy
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"This one is for all the geeky and anal people like me out there who love making completely meaningless lists of stuff they like. I reckon you can tell a lot about a persons personality ..."
Posted: by Yakumo
Last Reply: by mech
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"occasionally a bit of tech news really is just awesome.spectrolab, a boeing subsidiary published research demonstrating 40% efficient solar panels !"
Posted: by djl68w
Last Reply: by georgemc
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"hey,my wife, a flowerchild fire-spinner . . is a wonderfully unique person, with an upcoming b-day . . . in southern indiana she is a legend at poi . . . i would like to give her a wond..."
Posted: by Ry
Last Reply: by shocked_prawn
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"Hilarious. "
Posted: by flid
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"It's explosive! Look:Video thingy"
Posted: by so_bread
Last Reply: by jarle
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"So..... im munching thru a lovely bag of jelly bellys and seriously think they shud have more flavours. i would love a beans on toast with cheese flavoured bean. THAT would be magical! ..."
Posted: by pricklyleaf
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"So, after 9 months solid, learning how to teach mini-people art, doing nothing but learning how to teach mini-people art, and generally teaching, I haven't had time (or space) to pick u..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by steaks
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"As of yesterday my university degree has finished! Don#t really even know what to do now, have a sit down maybe, have't slept in 58 hours and counting.Now I can actually give time to le..."
Posted: by .Morph.
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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"Does exactly what it says in the title.......enjoy! "
Posted: by Yakumo
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"A little nature video to brighten up your day. (no blood in view, don't worry if your squeamish)"
Posted: by jublian
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"Haven't been around here in a while.good to see notings changed "
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"amazing how people can put spin on something.. "
Posted: by darkness-before
Last Reply: by melting
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"Well I've been reading the bad partner thread and I really wanted to let folk know that even though men are not very nice a lot of the time (women can be just as bad in our defence) th..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
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"OK, I like to use public transport as much as the next man, but yesterday has just proved how evil bus drivers are, particularly inner-city bus drivers. No, it's not just the fact they ..."
Posted: by Cassandra
Last Reply: by _che_
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"hello beautiful peopleI have just come back from a 10 days Vippassana meditation course and simply wanted to share with you how much this has meant to me and really changed quite a lot ..."
Posted: by Kathain_Bowen
Last Reply: by Kathain_Bowen
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"Ok, children, whoever can tell me what Nick did wrong gets a shiny gold star! And no cheating by asking Ms. Pele! The really sad thing is, I know this person in the real world. His name..."
Posted: by BlazeCircus
Last Reply: by BlazeCircus
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"hello spinners..could anyone tell me how to assign a picture to my home page (not members galleries) "
Posted: by Hypnotic
Last Reply: by Hypnotic
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"{I dont think it worked last time so Im posting again} I had my first burn last Sun after 6-7 years of glowstick poi. I burned off the hair on my left hand atempting a spiral wrap. It ..."
Posted: by Hypnotic
Last Reply: by Hypnotic
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"For the first time ever I spun fire with some new friends. I burnt the hair off my left hand trying a spiral wrap, and singed the hair on my right eye brow. I got alittle too wild. Very..."
Posted: by brianmtuk
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"Hi guys.Do you think the price Ive put on my fire prints is ok? (39 for a 20x30 inch print)Have a look and let me know if you think they are worth They are on ..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Brenn
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"Hi Everyone. I'm kinda desperate at the moment. I'm doing 2nd year Spanish at university and I'm pretty much failing this semester. And in case you think I'm being melodramatic:1st essa..."
Posted: by Mot
Last Reply: by Aurinko
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"Ok, yet another glorious game, its the guess the members name with help from some subtle visual assistance game. An example will speak a thousand words. You guess one, then ya gotta giv..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Brenn
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"As per Written by: CNN.comNEW DELHI, India (Reuters) -- An elephant in eastern India has sparked complain..."
Posted: by Imbalance
Last Reply: by bender
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"so i made these a lil while ago from some of the gallery images (the owners of used images have been told)figured ya'll might like to see em. anyone else got any good images I can mes..."
Posted: by LMSP
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"So bets are on! about 36/37 houres so far!Come on! Coffee, I have, interesting books were read by 6.38 this morning so it is you, me and (other then caffeene and alchohol) will power!I ..."
Posted: by Yakumo
Last Reply: by bender
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"'d heard this before, but never realised, in Shpongle's Divine Moments of Truth, I'd always thought the whistling noise was some kind of pipe ..."
Posted: by Frodo
Last Reply: by nellpuss
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"*Disclaimer"*****************************************In now way am i trying to offend anyone!I am myself larger boned!And the Intention of the thread is humour**************************..."
Posted: by JauntyJames
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"It is now May 25, international Towel day. I hope that all you hoopy froods deem fit to celebrate it."
Posted: by Ry
Last Reply: by Skatto
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Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by fake teeth and glue
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"The Semaphore NinjaI just found this. Thought you hoppers might enjoy."
Posted: by BlazeCircus
Last Reply: by BlazeCircus
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"thanks for all your posts back..this is a synopsis of fire performance legalities...1-pli(public liability insurance)a must..2- fire marshal cooperation if poss.if not a risk assessment..."
Posted: by jemima (jem)
Last Reply: by Brit_Joe
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" Should eggs be kept in the fridge or out of the fridge? In our house we keep them in the fridge...but I keep hearing that they must not be kept in the fridge , either way it hasn't ma..."
Posted: by BlazeCircus
Last Reply: by BlazeCircus
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"hi all plz could anyone help me in what legal documents i need to fire perform at festivals...i know i need pli but do i also need a street performers licience and were do i get ..."
Posted: by cosmicmonster
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"I just bought Encyclo-poi-dia and some other stuff from HoP and I was wondering exactly what was on the DVD, like exactly what tricks are taught and is it a better choice than Scales of..."
Posted: by .fireproof.
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"My girlfriend is leaving for Cambodia, India , and Malaysia in two days and so far she has her set of poi totally diassembled and kevlar unburned she is also traveling with isopropanol ..."
Posted: by Cantus
Last Reply: by Charles
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"parsnip soupI really had to share the randomness. Sorry (in advance)"
Posted: by faith enfire
Last Reply: by faith enfire
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"ok, I'm doing what everyone does and everyone hates that they do, but I couldn't find a good thread to bump-if a mod wants to put me in the appropriate one, that'd be fineI FINALLY DID ..."
Posted: by alien_oddity
Last Reply: by arkm
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"this is all set up on the streets of new york (i think) bloke threatening to throw himself off a 4foot ledge"
Posted: by UCOF
Last Reply: by arizla
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" What do you see? / I coudlnt see the dolphins for at least 5 minutes "
Posted: by LMSP
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 15164    Replies: 155
"Not sure if one already exists and I'm too lazy to look!My ex finished with me when I got too old for him! (I turned 17 and he was 27) Slightly perverted? YES!(I was sleeping with my fu..."
Posted: by JauntyJames
Last Reply: by D_Chow
Views: 44938    Replies: 739
"Here's the rules:one person says the name of a city, town, province, country, ect., and the next person says the name of one starting with the letter the previous one ended with. Exampl..."
Posted: by Zim
Last Reply: by fake teeth and glue
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"So, was kickin back with a friend of mine, watching TV, eating, and mixing on his turn tables during commercials. So south park comes on, and it's one about voting. Stan doesn't see the..."
Posted: by polarity
Last Reply: by Skatto
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"Do you think the 'p' word should automatically be censored by the language filters, so as to avoid emotional trauma for those people who have heard Linden Rathen's joke?"
Posted: by bing!
Last Reply: by gita
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"well i never normally watch it but i decided to this year. luckily i missed all the songs so i jus watched the voting i had such a laugh! terry wogan has a new place in my heart. some ..."
Posted: by FlyingPoiGuy
Last Reply: by bender
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"Do you have a poi guru or teacher? This my poi guru, Raz, he lives in Pushkar, India. I visit him when ever i get a chance. He's a friend too and can be easily found if you are looking ..."
Posted: by Gidg
Last Reply: by Helen_of_poi
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"For some reason this instrument just grabbed my attention. Someone had to go to a lot of thinking to make this one work."
Posted: by Sambo_Flux
Last Reply: by Sambo_Flux
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"I nearly died when I saw this. This dude is an utter genius..."
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