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Posted:Do you think the 'p' word should automatically be censored by the language filters, so as to avoid emotional trauma for those people who have heard Linden Rathen's joke?

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Posted:yeah - maybe it's because of second language issues, but I just(in) don't censored get it... Let's BAN such "jokes" wink

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Posted:it's the third one down now. I agree, I was expecting worse. As dirty jokes go, that one isn't the bottom of the barrel.


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Posted:frown what a let down. i like the one UCOF posted much better!

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Posted:prawn joke in PM Aurinko
enjoy! devil

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Posted:Seriously, its so so so so wrong one Linden_Rathen tells it to you in person.

Adding "creamy" to the front of it makes me proper spazz out too.


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But Funny. : )


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