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Posted:Do you have a poi guru or teacher?

This my poi guru, Raz, he lives in Pushkar, India. I visit him when ever i get a chance. He's a friend too and can be easily found if you are looking to learn from a master. His family comes from a long line of circus performers.

There are more vids of Raz on my channel, also some glass ball juggling.


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here's the channels' link. Mostly about India & Nepal.




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Posted:Nice one smile YouTube-embedding's on HoP? umm ubbidea

Heard about Poi going on in Varanasi and now, Pushkar...

Would it be asked too much to contribute



Apart from that:

(Guru = teacher)

Jake Blail and Canada-Steve

- who were amongst my first teachers in the Arts Factory, Byron Bay, Art from Thailand (now based in Chiang Mai) and Pitt (Australia-Guy, now touring the US), Andy and Arashi so far...

It's funny that I was recently thinking of exactly this. I do remember (all) my (few) teachers - how many remember theirs? Errm... me? wink ubblol rolleyes

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Posted:Well, I've never had a teacher, more inspirational spinners and I've seen many! (all of you are probably able to inspire me in different ways).

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Posted:All the people that have ever showed me a trick (usually due to me running up and saying "how do you do that" repeatedly until they show me)! But I've probably learnt the most from Michal Khan's yellow poi bible, along with Yakumo at Play, Simian, DevKev and Durbs at Spitz, Nick Woolsey's vids and Cole's posts in the tech forum up here. Big-up to the lot of ya! biggrin

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Posted:That book is great - but i spend a lot of time swearing at mine! Kev is also great, but i dont swear at him!

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Posted:I never had a poi guru persay, but the one who has taught me and still teaches me to this day is JonnyRok. He's a major inspiration to me because he has such a passion for fire spinning and he's patient with me, which no one else can do. Plus, he's my buddy hug


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Posted:My poi guru is Sym.
Not only is he kickass, he is sexy too. smile

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Posted:I would have to say I have a few, all bar a couple from Manchester. Neon_Shaolin has been pretty inspirational, as has Mint Sauce and another manc spinner called Sam. They haven't taught me much in the way of moves, but have inspired me to become the spinner I am today.
Would also have to say Joel, from Brisbane. Has helped me a lot with contact staff and been a very patient teacher biggrin
But ultimatley there are far to many to list all of them here. grouphug

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Posted:Well, Raz seems to be an adequate spinner, though nothing he is doing is particularly special. It would be nice to see him with something better than the flyweight things he is using;
they are the 'flying poi' or hyperplanes that the flyingpoiguy is trying to sell, yes?
Perhaps he could go get some lessons from Jay laTour sometime. He teaches in India, yes? Might add some elegance and cleanliness to his style.

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Posted:for poi: BLUECAT(te Pooka, UK), STEF(fire fantasy, FR)!!!

for staff: ANTTI(RHD, SW), Contact Chris(Cirque Mystique, AU)!!

for attitude/philosophy: BLUECAT(te Pooka, UK), Nick Woolsey(Paypoi, CA)!!

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