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Posted:Does anyone know what are those little flame thingies called that you wear on your hand?

Here's a video (they first appear at 0:32)

And most importantly: how are they made? wink

I would be very grateful for a reply! smile

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Posted:Those are fire palms.

You would need to create the "palm" first. Each fire palm has a handle underneath. Some are looped, much like poi handles are, while others have grip handles that are crisscrossing frames, much like a fire fan's rings. A 3 inch round cup or curved frame is attached just above this, with the length of the torch in the middle. The torch is usually about 5-6 inches tall.

Once you have assembled this, test it for balance. The framing must be perfectly balanced in order to be used. Then you can add the wick. Use 7 inches of 1.5 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick Kevlar for this. You will need to wrap it semi-firmly around the torch.
br>They sell fire palms, so check some out before you go making them.