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Hello! I'm new to these forums, and relatively new to fire dancing in general. I have take a few intro classes to Poi and staff, but haven't done much practicing yet. I am a tribal belly dancer and I have done lots of sword dancing/balancing.

I have recently been asked if I could do a belly dance routine with fire, specifically with a fire in each hand and balancing on my head. Since I can balance a sword pretty well, I would be willing to try some fire. The problem I've ran into is that I can't find any tools that are geared toward balancing on the head (other than some fire swords).

I would like something like a torch in a bowl? Does that makes sense? I have a photo of a troupe that did something like what I'm looking for but they have since disbanded and I have been unsuccessful at contacting them. Here is a link to a couple photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2

The 2nd photo looks like it's a plain gold bowl with a flame setting in some sand or some other medium, but the flame is much bigger than what you could get from a candle, so I'm sure they used some kind of fuel.

Looking for some suggestions from some fire dancers. I'm excited that I found these forums, and excited to start some fire dancing this summer.

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you mean like a large version of the object at the end of the list shown here?,021,0
many sites offer to build custom toys if you have a design but you don't have the tools or skills to make your own, your in the states so maybe try asking bearclaw

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Yeah, I think it will have to be something done custom. Thank you very much for the bearclaw website, great site!

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Thank you
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