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Posted:So I've had my fun with the Yoho Electro Spin stix, but was not fully satisfied with their durability and with the explosion of flo-ligths on my scene they're pretty well outdated. They're made for children mainly I think but anyway I was wondering what components from here I would need to construct a flo-light devil stick baton. I plan on purchasing the 5l single flow toy tube, 2 flow lights for now, and two end caps. I know there is quite a selection of components to choose from on here, my only concern was how 2 flo light would fit into a 5l staff? I'm not sweating this too bad because I know the good people of Home of Poi will let you refund or exchange products but I'd like to get this right the first time suggestions anyone? please and thank you

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Posted:ya, 5L tube i think is right, sure its what they sell on they have a flowmass on each end too so,


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Posted:Yeah totally recommend using things from flowtoys. Amazing quality and great customer service!!!


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Posted:IF you're using it for devil sticks, buy the silicone casing that can go around the tubes so you get some grip.

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