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So I have been asked to do a fire eating and tracing act at a gay club in a few months. I've also been asked if I wouldn't mind wearing body paint for the act.

I told them that I'd be happy to wear body paint as long as it's safe.

Does anyone know about fire compatability with body paint? Any particular brands I should either prefer or avoid?


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I don't know if it is flamable or any thing like that. But it will come straight of if it comes in contact with fuel.

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della, I am a body artists as well as a fire perf.

It really depends on if you plan for the fire to come in contact with the paint.
UV body paint tends to be the worst for reactions as it is.
It is also not as water proof as one would like. Not only if it comes in contact with fuel but I've had it sweat off as well, which means you could end up..."streaky"...for lack of a better word.

However if you are doing chill spinning (not sweaty) and not wrapping or tracing you should be alright.

Best of luck!

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as a belly dancer i've done some tribal shows here and there in a few clubs, the uv paint looks friggin awesome, but like Pele said, if you think you're going to be sweating your balls off, or going to be up on stage long enough for the lights to make you sweat, forget about the paint cause when it starts streaking it looks horrible and if you have it on your face it can get into your eyes and it STINGS! at least in my experience. if i know it's going to get hot, i usually stick to paint on my forearms and upper arms, where i don't sweat as much, still looks pretty cool and less likely to streak unless you hit it. if you want to play up the black lights, but don't want to wear the paints, wear white, that will still have an interesting affect and it won't wash off!!

good luck!


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Non-flammable body-paint brands - Kryolan. Snazaroo, Wolfe, Paradise - whatever else you can find WATERBASED in your local costume/theatre make up store. My problem with painting dancers is - any water-based brand will not stay on very well when the dancer is moving and sweating - I can add body-glue (Glimmer Co sells it for glitter tattoos) into the paint - it makes it stay better, but I would not use it for fire-dancing, as I believe it is acrylic, so it will be flammable...I am very interested in working with poi-dancers, especially if you have UV-glow poi, in New Orleans and Portland OR, and at the Oregon Country Fair in Eugene. You can look at my body-painting pictures at Irina, face-and-body painter

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nice thread smile

bear in mind that all inflammable material needs some energy input.

Meaning that (i.e.) body paint most likely won't just "swooooosh" go up in flames when getting in brief contact with fire.

Most stuff you would have to hold fire to for some time for it to ignite. And a lot of solvent is evaporating quite fast when exposed to air.

Best advice I can give is to take the color and apply it to a non flammable surface, to wait for a few minutes and then hold a flame to it. This should give you an idea of how suitable it is together with spinning.

(PS: Mike you never showed some pics/vids of your performance wink )

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So Lightning I have some input,

#1) I think its AWESOME your so willing to do a gay club act. I'm much the same way myself. I have a friend who wants me to be a full time go-go/fire dancer in one tongue2 Personally I'm straight but everyone I've talked to says they are a GREAT audience! You wont find any better grin I cant wait to start doing acts there myself

#2) I ALWAYS have some sort of facepaint on for performances. Whether its full masks painted on or war paint I always have it on and I've NEVER had it catch on fire. If it was flammable it would have gone up (I've seen people try to eat fire while wearing hairspray, WHOOSH!). I bought the 9.00$ (aprox dont really remember) face paint set here at HOP.

#3) If you are in a darker area glow paint is obviously a necessity. However, if your in a lighted space, I think it would be really cool to simply rub urself down with charcoal so it looks like you just came out of fire. Then as your tracing you add more too it and get dirtier and dirtier. Done right it could be HOT! I've done something similar but started out clean and after snuffing torches in my mouth I would trace with the unlit torch. Lit torches dont tend to leave enough behind. Just a thought ubbangel
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