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I got the voi kit from Michelle Joyce, but the straps are chafing my fingers - they are leather strips about 1" wide and 5" folded over. I put 1 or two fingers in them and although it is easier and more comfortable to let the straps swing around my fingers, I feel I have to grip straps so they don't spin because they chafe really quickly! Either way they chafe, really. What do I do?

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well you could pinch them between your fingers it helps a little bit or you could try to develop a callus where it chafes

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I question letting the straps swing around your fingers. I would thing that would make alot of Poi Moves more difficult.

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i ordered the pro choice ones from here. Hopefully they will work MUCH better. Thanks for the help guys. I don't know how anyone else using these gets by? They are SEVERELY SEVERELY overpriced (poor bellydancers!) and the components are not well chosen (ball chain too thick, bad handles, poorly chosen weight is too big!!!) I do NOT recommend it.

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