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I'm planning on getting a house in the next couple months and I want it to be as poi friendly as possible so I can host weekly spin jams. What would your ideal spinners house have?

I want to set up a good size indoor area with tall ceilings and non-breakable wall mirrors sort of like a dance studio. We lose a lot of days to cold and rain so this is a requirement. A couple UV light strips and a nice sound system would also be nice.

Outside I want a large private burn pad. I figure a big flat tiled patio with a tall privacy fence and maybe a sectioned off fuel dump area. It would be cool to have the area lit by gas tiki torches.

What other goodies do I need?

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dude what you are doing is amazing... my mom bought a few plots of land in Port St. Lucie, Florida. we have a house on one of the plots... i did a few things that you described but on a MUCH smaller scale. due to the fact my mom doesnt want to put up ANY fence the backyard WAS off limits until i found a spot. we have a cannal running behind our house (for rain watter to run off) any way we have a kind of tunnel plowed through the ground further down from us so the water runs under ground below the streets. i decided i would build a mini fort in there. it has about 8.5' high ceeling on average... its in an arch shape. and its about 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep. its a nice little spot. i had all this barmitzvah money laying around so i went to homedepot and built a platform that goes above the water and is secured so i can have about 8 people including me in there (i invited my friends over and thats how i got the number). i began to build up a wall towards the back of it so there is only one entrance. i am going to finish up the building of the second wall... i plan to incorporate a door with a locking feature so i can have private spins.

i checked it is LEGAL for me to do this since its technically my property. SWEET!!!

since its a summer/vacation house i need to wait till spring break before i can finish.

wish me luck...

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Make yourself a POI SHRINE IN YOUR GARAGE!!!

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need some sort of water element...reflection of a good burn only makes it look more fantastic
NC knows people in charlotte i think

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NC eh?

I live in Raleigh!

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laugh3 persistent fellow wink

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this is a cool idea, I'm currently transitioning to a new place of residence as soon as I sell my apartment. I'll make sure my New York location is likewise poi friendly for all those who need a place to spin

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