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Posted:My plan is to make some simple cheap poi that weight can be added to by filling the balls with popcorn seeds. Doesnt matter if these get lost as it will have only cost me a fiver or something instead of 60 or 306!

I purchased 4 1 meter lengths of colecord, 2 no10 swivels and some tennis balls from a shop

I will make 2 holes in each ball with a knot on the other side. I am having the swivels on the handle end as I always to.

Just one question, would handles be made by simply taking a short length of chopped off colecord and making a hoop with a knot in? How could I fuse two ends together (avoiding the knot?) I could of course use my handles and dlinks off my flowpoi but that would defeat the object of them being cheaply

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Posted:You could melt the ends together?

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Posted:i tried colecords for handles but didn't workout for me.. it is too thin for a handle especially single loop.... after spinning a while you'll feel a little bit of hurting on your fingers due to tension while spinning... i haven't tried to double the strands though...

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Posted:I would think you could use it to make a monkeyfist around a large marble or something, or you could do an crown knot going up and down it's length to make it wider. That would make such a soft throwing handle grin

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Posted:you can simply make haddles out of a scrap of webing. Just look for Luggage straps in the cheep shops they are a great source of webbing.

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