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*HyperLight*HyperLightBRONZE Member
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Hyperlights are not yet ready. There, I've said it, so I hope the title of this thread didn't get anyone too excited. Things have been extremely busy for me of late with a combination of being ill (fear not; I'm back to my usual self now!) and commitments to work and the occasional bit of sleep. We've been busy though and here's where we're at:

The housing for the poi is just a couple of days away from completion so we should have prototypes back from that in about a week or so with a bit of luck.
The website is just about to change hosts so don't be surprised when it goes offline in the middle of next week. It should be back up again soon after at least in a limited form while we change things over.
The electronics is now complete and seems very stable; From our testing, it seems impossible to make them reset by smacking them together!
Plans for the business are under way which include getting funding to build the full-blown moulds. When we website comes back up and we've had a chance to fiddle with it, there really will be a form to sign up which leads me onto my next point.
We're planning to do a two-stage signup. The first is to gauge interest (although given the number of emails, PMs, phone calls i've had lately, there's no need to worry wink) and won't require any money. Basically, you stick your email down and those people who sign up first get first dibs on stage two...
...which will happen when we're ready to put our money where our mouth is. The plan is to give those people who signed up first a week or two to get the cash for a pair of hyperlights to us. At the end of that period, we'll order the moulds and begin production!

The first batch will probably be around 250 pairs and we intend to ship them worldwide. So not quite the October deadline I'd set myself, but we're nearing the end of 3 years of development so quite exciting times!

Have fun smile


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Holzy1SILVER Member

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 Written by :simta

150.00 = $296.067

150.00 = 185.667 EUR

conversion taken from

sorry if i burst your bubble a little bit holzy wink

oookay wow, sorry but i don't think i'll be purchasing a set of hyperlights, i ain't got money like that lol. i thought 50 USD for 2 flowlights was pretty expensive, yeesh. lemme know when the price drops lol i might get 'em

SkulduggerySkulduggeryGOLD Member
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For all the work that has gone into making them and the beautiful poi that have resulted from all that work. I don't think that the price is bad. Quality and reliability cost money.

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jo_rhymesjo_rhymesSILVER Member
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Definitely Skully.

I think they are well worth the money, in fact I'd say they were pretty reasonable. holzy what makes you think the price is going to drop?!

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simtasimtaBRONZE Member
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 Written by :Holzy

i thought 50 USD for 2 flowlights was pretty expensive,

you gotta remember a lot of people will be using these in a professional setting. and if you look at the equivalent programmable poi, these are at about half the price

but obviously if you just spin from time to time as a hobby $300 is a lot of money to fork out

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FearpigFearpigSILVER Member
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So when are the Hyperlight staff going to be ready?

....only kidding!

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*HyperLight*HyperLightBRONZE Member
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They're not cheap, but as I've said a few times before, I honestly believe they're worth the money. We're a small operation so they're not particularly cheap to produce. It's conceivable that if they really take off, we'd be able to make them in quantities large enough to get the costs down. If that ever became the case then the price would come down. Don't hold your breath though wink

As for staffs, once the poi are out the door and on sale I will begin to think more seriously about other form factors (not just staff, but juggling balls, clubs, frisbees... you name it!). First and formost though, I just want to get the poi going and see what the interest is really like biggrin

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Fire_MooseFire_MooseSILVER Member
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 Written by :*HyperLight

It's conceivable that if they really take off, we'd be able to make them in quantities large enough to get the costs down. If that ever became the case then the price would come down. Don't hold your breath though wink

Pfft the only reason someone might not buy them i because they dont have the money. Sure some people might see the price and be turned away because of it, but when you start listing what these thigns actually do, the price seems to be not only reasonable, but pretty decent. I tihnk someone else on here wrote something about wishing they could justify buying a pair even though they dont do the same wait....i mean hell, i could tie em to my staff lol

/shrug i got high expectations for these.


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astonastonSILVER Member
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But again, these are more for professionals. I spin, and have been told I do so pretty well, but there is no way I can spend $300 on a set of poi. Not with a $1:R7.60 exchange rate at least. (R is ZAR is South African rand by the way.)

R2100 for a set of poi, no matter how cool, is not something that I can justify. That said, they do seem worth the price, and if I ever do turn pro, these are on my list. Well, they are anyway, but is not likely to happen.

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LazyAngelLazyAngelGOLD Member
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how's the prototype coming? gonna be ready for PLAY? wink

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MotleyMotleyGOLD Member
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I won't cross post from the hyperlight forums for fear of incurring Jons wrath but, it looks like they may be wink

GeezaGeezaGOLD Member
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A Hyperlight update if a may...

Hopefully shipping next week. Fingers crossed smile


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