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Alright question.

Has anyone heard any discussion or places to get a glow ball that runs off the spin of your poi, or something that you can use similar to the flashlight you shake to store energy, and then release during your spin.

The reason I ask is that I'm working on the idea for a physics project. (The shakey ball!!!) And was wondering if anyone else had heard anything about it. If yes, then relpy in the thread. If no, are you interested in a self powered glow ball (Sorta self powered.)

And I hope I put this in the right section....

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Zolgar_the_InsaneSILVER Member
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There's a place which sells propeller powered LED Poi, hooray for dynamos!

A shake-to-light, no, never heard of such.

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You can get torches which you shake to charge.. the same thing wouldn't work for poi because you need a fixed reference poi which you don't have while you're spinning. The propeller idea would (and clearly does!) work though.

The difficulty will be getting it to work in all directions. I reckon that whatever it is that's loose inside could make things feel strange if you're juggling them too (I presume that's the sort of market you were trying to appeal to?)...

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nathaniel_deforestSILVER Member
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If you go to pet supply stores sometimes you will find dog toys, the size of tennis balls or so, that light up when you touch or move them. I had a pair once that changed color in a rainbow pattern. The problem with them was that the battery ran out pretty fast and there was no way to replace it.

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