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Posted:ok guys!! For your staff, what is the best kind of grip?! What do you use? ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Tennis racket grip, hockey grip, squash grip. It's all basically the same stuff. Sqash grip is usually the best, as it is mostly more padded, therefore easier to hold on to. Hell, you can even use electricity tape.


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Posted:Anyone got any idea where Firetoys get their silicone contact staff grip from? I wanna get some for my new staff, but not sure what to look for/where to look...

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Posted:I use hockey tape, works well and doesnt glue itself to your fingers when doing palm spins and whatnot, yet is still grippy.

check this out for grips if your looking..


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Posted:b1dd5: http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubbthreads/show...5/o/all/fpart/1

sambo-why dont u email firetoys? or strugz mite hve grip like tht on his tech's

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Posted:leather plain and simple

if you have a sheet of leather cut an apropreate piece so you can wrap it once and glue in place
(please forgive the diagrams)


Or if you have scraps cut it into thin stips and then twist it whilst you wrap it

the first method i would recomend for a basic staff but the second is better for contact staff as it has more texture and grip

Or combine the two as i have done on occasion since it gives a good sence of feel to your staff


Its a bit more work than is needed but you will be happy with the final result.

And make sure you use an all purpose, heat resistant glue and follow the instructions especially if it requires some curing time prior to sticking things together.

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