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Forums > Technical Discussion > Led poi doesn't work properly - can I fix it?

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Posted:Ok - I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my poi...I just received them, one works great - but the other has a flickering light, and sometimes it just doesn't light up. I've replaced the batteries and so on, same thing. And a few times when it wasn't twisted on it lit up on it's own.

So I think that maybe it's the bulb.
Can I go to a hardware store locally (living in the US) and get a new one? Or should I not try and return it to HOP and get a new one?

Thanks for any help smile

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Posted:LEDs are incredibly inexpensive for the most part, although you'll likely have to go to an electronic components store opposed to a hardware store. Have you checked all the bits between the lights and the power source? Sounds like faulty power to me, really, if its flickering and lighting up on its own.

LEDs are quite simple little devices. I've never heard of them working improperly or intermittently, they usually simply either work - or dont.

Edit: I suppose it should be added that you should also check with HoP and see what kind of LED it is. Some of the multi colour ones can be harder to find, although Digikey carries just about any LED you can think up.

Might be simpler to return it if you're not entirely familiar with this sort of product, although it will be a mundane deal if its just a loose wire or something.

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Posted:sounds like a loose wire to me: pretty easy to fix with a soldering iron: I repaired my glow poi about 6+ times in china, before they finally gave up the ghost

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Posted:Well - I've looked at it and I don't see what could be wrong with it - as far as loose wiring goes.

These led have 2 solid prongs that extend up the side of the battery-tube, and hook slightly over the top...that's the only exposed metal ... if it's a lose wire then I suppose it's inside the unit and unreachable by me.

I'm heading out today and I'll swing by two places that might have them and see - mine are green, I figure it's probably not too hard to find - if it is that's ok, I don't mind if I have to go with yellow or white (probably the most popular)

Hm - I suppose I can also check with an auto-store...they sell all sorts of leds and such for things that you can add to your vehicle.

if I don't find something by tonight I'll call HOP and see about an exchange or a new light, something smile



you know - though - it just occured to me that the unit that does work comes out rather easily from it's slot - while the other one that does work better doesn't come out at all.

Perhaps the connection being loose is because it has a bit of jiggle room?

I'll try to extend the coil - or replace it, maybe - and see what that does.

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Posted:That's probably your problem right there.

However, if it continues to be a problem, also check the terminals for any potential grime or film building up on and around the connection points. I've found that, sometimes, an oily film can get on those terminals from handling, and that film picks up all sorts of dust and debris that inhibits electrical connection. If that does turn out to be the issue, either clean it with a slightly abbrasive cloth or very fine sand paper. Or, you can just replace the LED and batteries.

I had an issue with led moonlights that turned out to be a simple salt encrusting on the terminals, and a quick cleaning worked wonders.

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Posted:I've got the same problem with my led poi... Mine are from here and I wondered if they still had the same ones (It says, new updated version) I wanted to buy a spare ball, because I'm going to perform with it soon and I don't want to have a malfunctioning ball when being on stage.

Oh and LED's come in all sorts of colours, brightness these days. And they're not expensive at all if you know where to look. Like: http://www.conrad.com/ They have more led's then you want to...

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