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DJ Aman
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DJ Aman

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Posted:I have been trying to find something that could make parts of my chain glow without affecting my tricks. While glow stringing I thought it would be nice to throw the glowsticks in the air and catch them by the hook with my chain. It would at laest look real cool. I practiced this for a very long time. Finally I accomplished this just to find out that when you grab them by the hook, the hook bends back and you have a glowstick missle of death. ooooops So my question is.. are their any glowsticks with a lanyard hook or some other hook that allows easy inward passage but difficult (if not impossible) outward passage? Or am I going to have to make my own sticks. shrug

p.s. I have a ball chain. I think the little rods in between balls will keep the stick from sliding everywhere. ubbrollsmile

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Posted:I think that you would be best off finding a semi-permanent way of attaching the glow sticks since they will often come off as a "glowstick missile of death". Don't get me wrong the idea is great but the materials that glowsticks are made of won't handle the stress of spinning unless you attach them by the main hole, not the hook.

While I appluade your enthusism to make your own glowsticks I would advise against this since the chemicals involed can be quite harmful not to mention difficult to buy.

Also ball chain can grip well with skilled hyperloops due to the forces involed (phyics don't ask) but the glowsticks should just slip staight to the end of your Poi unless they have been fixed in place.

Sorry to burst your bubble coz the idea is great it's just not practical

May my balls of fire set your balls on fire devil


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