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Posted: by Leyla Miriam
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"Dear community,some of you may already know Spark! Circus, a project for Burmese refugee children in Thailand. Although the application deadline for 2014 is already over, I would like y..."
Posted: by liam brunner
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"Hey I'm trying to see if there are any fire twirlers in jindabyne or surrounding area that would like to meet up as I am moving in to the area"
Posted: by joffjk
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"Every Tuesday at 5pm Bangkok’s Jugglers and Spinners meet at Benjasiri Park for our weekly session.Benjasiri Park is right by the station Phrom Phong BTS station (look at the map in t..."
Posted: by tjoni
Last Reply: by mezion
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"Calling all firetwirlers drummers and dancers, or anyone wanting to learn the above.We are starting up a weekly gathering in Fitzroy area to share above skills with thoughts to startin..."
Posted: by ruvidan
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" http://ultimateninja.net/Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ultimateninjacontest/What is it?Young grasshoppa, Ultimate Ninja is a flow arts video competition of legendary ..."
Posted: by Dragoneye
Last Reply: by Dragoneye
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"http://organic-juggling.blogspot.com/2010/08/2-organic-dragon-juggling-convention.html13.09. - 15.09.2013 http://organic-juggling.blogspot.de/"
Posted: by Jaeden
Last Reply: by annaefron
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"I've been tossing arround the idea of getting a workshop together here in Edmonton this summer. I still have no idea about what it would entail but for the meantime I am just probing fo..."
Posted: by yhvh83
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"Poi classes with Justin Benson in Peoria IL !!! Sept 15th 2013Jb will be making a route to Chicago during September on his way back home to Kansas he will be stopping by Peoria to offer..."
Posted: by williamextra
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"Hi,I am writing to you from a company called Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd. We place people as Extras in TV and Film productions across the UK.For a major new Hollywood Blockbuster, we are looki..."
Posted: by msg
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"Looking to recruit one or more people for a small fire troupe to perform.performance including fire spinning, eating, breathing, and possibly some LED performances.This troupe will perf..."
Posted: by Enlightened Eric
Last Reply: by swan tribe sa on
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"Every Wednesday night @ Cool runnings in obs. Come and play or just enjoy the sights."
Posted: by sboyles
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"Hello!This is a post to invite all youth circus performers, educators, advocates and lovers to the American Youth Circus Festival in Seattle, Washington from August 14th-18th. There wil..."
Posted: by mArv!
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"www.MasterOngsPropShop.comwww.Facebook.com/GrandMasterOng https://www.facebook.com/events/525112767552971/"
Posted: by Ellisy
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"How to produce a performance art event?"
Posted: by Crofty 44
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 804    Replies: 1
"Hey,Does any pne know if there are any Poi Fire classes / events or anything like that in Cardiff UK.Thanks,Lara"
Posted: by Vestergaard
Last Reply: by addisonh
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"Please disregard the date - it is not a sugestion.I am interested in knowing, if there are poiswingers nearby (or faraway...?) who would like to make some kind of poi-gathering in Denma..."
Posted: by Joe Mays
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"Incandescence productions and Terrapin Hill Farm bring you the 3rd gathering for the midwest fire and flow retreat &lbr;url=http://flowcampfestival.com&rbr;Flow Camp Festival&lbr;/url&..."
Posted: by Rohana_Weaver
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"New Zealand's premier weekend circus gathering... Join us in spring for the biggest geek out of the season! PLEASE NOTE: 2012's event SOLD OUT - TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE VIA THE WEBSITE: ..."
Posted: by pyrotopia
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"PYROTOPIA: Festival of Fire ArtsSaturday, October 12, 2013Westfield Park in Munhall (Pittsburgh, PA)http://pyrotopia.net/http://www.facebook.com/pyrotopiaWatch the flames come to life a..."
Posted: by Stephanie_Goggin
Last Reply: by rsteve388
Views: 1698    Replies: 4
"Wondering if any one know's of any events going on in colorado other then the sunday confluence park one? Or even knows of any classes/teacher's colorado. >.< Thanks"
Posted: by Nlod
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 3480    Replies: 5
"Hi there all London spinners!I'm hoping to start a new spinning jam, poi or otherwise, in the Fulham area in SW London. I'm an Aussie poi spinner and i'm seriously missing my regular sp..."
Posted: by neonraze
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"If you live nearby or are looking to travel to the Atherton Tablelands, I'm a local spinner of five years teaching a few workshops in the near future, such as this one:http://www.facebo..."
Posted: by arsn
Last Reply: by gita
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"To all Brisbane twirlers, on each Monday night there is a practice twirl being held down in the South Bank Piazza. Beginners welcome as we are free to teach. Come to learn Starts at..."
Posted: by gita
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"yes, folks - IT'S TRUUUUUUUEEE!!! elkepixie has kicked .:*moonfest*:. off again! like everything these days, there's a facebook event for it, so check it out! https://www.facebook.com..."
Posted: by Piyo
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 1633    Replies: 3
"Really sorry if this is a repeat, I couldn't find a similar thread so here goes: Are there any active Poi or Poi-friendly circus groups about?If not would people be interested in maybe ..."
Posted: by andythepoi
Views: 463    Replies: 0
"Hey gang. Long time no see! This is an appeal to anyone with circus skills of any level, in the North West of England, to help me make a friend's wedding/hand fasting REALLY SPECIAL! T..."
Posted: by M83
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"Hi I'm currently on the look out for anyone who is interested in showing their Fire Poi skills at a festival I'm helping my friend organise on 31st August 2013 near Leicester, England (..."
Posted: by Achluophobia
Last Reply: by daCrazi
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"I'm not sure of the date, or even if there's going too be much going on in regards too fire.I know last year the buskers put on a "fire show" which was a bunch of them doing diffrent fi..."
Posted: by Lenkaaaa
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"Hi Jugglers!I would like to introduce our special competition - Juggle foto 2013. More (or all ) information you can find on fb - event https://www.facebook.com/events/603342096361944/..."
Posted: by CrushEndo
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"I am having a house party for my Wife's 40th birthday on May 17 and would like to hire a fire performer or group. Please call me at 204.782.3035 if you are interested.Thanks,Derek"
Posted: by Live_in_a_spin
Last Reply: by Live_in_a_spin
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" The lovely people of Lincolnshire are not just about fields and farming we also like to juggle and spin to. So this summer we have decided to host Lincolnshire's very first juggling co..."
Posted: by PyroWill
Last Reply: by Live_in_a_spin
Views: 38630    Replies: 247
"Well in some attempt to bring some popularity back to the glorious place of Hell, I mean Hole, whoops i mean Hull, so I've decided to make organise a little gathering which I plan for t..."
Posted: by Random
Last Reply: by Random
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"Hi Guys Ive just moved down from the wall to Leighton Buzzard, betwixt Milton Keynes and Luton, would love to meet some spinners in the area or organise a firey gathering. Ive got porta..."
Posted: by miltonkeynes
Last Reply: by Random
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"I am Helping o organise an event in milton keynes aimed at yound people we were wondering wether there was anyone or a group of people who could come and do some poi performances and po..."
Posted: by keyarghah
Last Reply: by sdfsdf3DD
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"YES Spinfest is so close we can FEEL it! Are you ready for 5 DAYS OF AWESOME!?! Will be so exciting to see so many old and newschool HOPpers there this year, from all over Aus Earlybird..."
Posted: by Lilreeba
Last Reply: by Fiona M
Views: 4693    Replies: 3
"Hello there my name is Tanya. I have just opening a new studio in Newcastle upon tyne, England.Here we will be hosting rehearsal sessions and lessons for circus, dance and music and we ..."
Posted: by Anthony_Hallett
Last Reply: by Zoxain
Views: 1600    Replies: 6
"anyone on here from Kent/sussex etc etc fancy a meet up at some point, or know of one already set up? i've been spinning on and off for about a year now and as much fun as it is i still..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by Barry_Rowden
Views: 2086    Replies: 1
"Spinners, pyros, hopefuls... If you're in the St. Louis area, and interested in fire performing of any kind, we'll be getting together at the Cabin Inn at the City Museumevery Wedne..."
Posted: by Sorcha Ra
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"Are you fascinated by fire? Would you like to know how to perform safely with this element? It can be so hard to find an industry expert who teaches fire skills. Sorcha has been a profe..."
Posted: by moonshadow
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
Views: 674    Replies: 1
"There's a contest to be a performer at Summer Camp this year. There are some really great flow artists going and I'd love to meet them all. It would be really helpful if you could lik..."
Posted: by ditjuggling
Views: 786    Replies: 0
"Hi,The dublin Circus festival is on and everybody who wants to learn any circus art or just see some amazing performances is welcome to come along.Price 20 euro student 25 adult for wee..."
Posted: by borganique
Last Reply: by jenfish
Views: 6476    Replies: 14
"i'm looking to start up/re-start juggling/spinning clubs in cornwall. This thread will hopefully tell me where and when you guys would like to have clubs.There's quite a group of us in ..."
Posted: by FyreBelle
Last Reply: by dropscience
Views: 748    Replies: 1
"3.5 days of camping, fun, flow classes, nightly burns, and lasting memories.www.flamefestival.comhttp://www.facebook.com/events/439495992766884/Join us and 50+ instructors for the best ..."
Posted: by Sorcha Ra
Last Reply: by Sorcha Ra
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"Come and learn the basics of poi spinning and how to integrate this beautiful prop into your dance.During this course you will learn the basic moves and transitions. Moves covered will ..."
Posted: by sunbeam139
Views: 486    Replies: 0
"Hi everyone,Just under 2 weeks until Bath UpChuck 2013 at the University of Bath - I hope you're as excited as me about it All the info is on www.bathupchuck.co.uk (including a link if ..."
Posted: by AaronC
Views: 560    Replies: 0
"Hi I've posted this a couple of times on old threads, as I'm not sure how busy these boards are, but here's a fresh one anyways:I'm part of a team organising the VegFest in Wellington a..."
Posted: by Va'ealle
Last Reply: by PoiHans
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"Soooooooooo.....The Solar Eclipse Festival is on 10 - 16 of november in australia just north of cairns,are any other HOP'ers coming along?If you haven't heard about it check it out:http..."
Posted: by Barefoot Monkeys
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"Hey everyone, Vassar College's Barefoot Monkeys are proud to invite you all to our third annual juggling and fire arts convention, Monkey See Monkey Do 3D, this April in New York! Check..."
Posted: by Tree'dom
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"Hi everybody Who is going to the NZ Juggling Festival ? I come from New Caledonia and I'm going to study in Auckland for six months. I love juggling and spinning, and this would be a ch..."
Posted: by Brigh
Last Reply: by Brigh
Views: 1600    Replies: 8
"Hi,I'm fairly new to melbourne and fairly new to poi and was wandering if anyone can tell me where there is a regular meet so i can make some new friends and learn some new tricks, i li..."
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