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  Posted: Really sorry if this is a repeat, I couldn't find a similar thread so here goes:
Are there any active Poi or Poi-friendly circus groups about?

If not would people be interested in maybe meeting in a park or common of an afternoon for spinning?(weather pending!)

Thanks! ^_^

Oops, found some answer here: http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/932600/Uk_spinnier.html#Post932600
br>with a link to http://www.facebook.com/groups/spinningat/
br>Still any others aside? ^_^

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  Posted:You don't need anything more than Spinning@; some of the best spinners and jugglers in the country, if not the world, have cut their teeth and honed theirs skills at this meet.

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  Posted:Hi there London spinners and circus crew,
I haven't posted for a while but two of us are coming over to the UK from Australia and would like to meet the circus/HOP community over in London. I am a double staffer/Hula hoops/Trapeze and Tight wire circus school grad, Luke is a juggler/7 balls/complex 3 balls/ manipulation/ladder balance etc.

We will be performing at Glastonbury Festival but have a week or so in London before the event. Anyone have crash space? couches? Play time? skill share? Meets?

Message me, we'd love to meet you all.

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  Posted:The Spinning@ weekly meet is the best place to meet poeople in London. Their facebook group is a good place for more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spinningat/10151587713456708/