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Posted:Hey gang. Long time no see!

This is an appeal to anyone with circus skills of any level, in the North West of England, to help me make a friend's wedding/hand fasting REALLY SPECIAL!

The wedding is on Wednesday June the 19th, at 2pm, a few miles from Chester. The nearest train station is Hooton..and lifts to the venue and back can be arranged if needed.

In return for perhaps 20 minutes 'performing' (I'll come back to this point in a moment) you'll get a few drinks of you're choice, AND a three course meal at a four star restaurant! You can choose your main course, between meat, fish and vegetarian, and I've just eaten there last week and I'm not exaggerating when i say it was astonishingly good grub!

Now to what you'll have to do on the day.

Not much frankly!

The actual ceremony is taking place at the bottom of the garden in the venue, and the happy couple would like to walk through a crowd of entertainers to get there.

We're looking for about 10 people, who can do anything circusy....juggle, Poi, disco, Contact Juggling, stilt walking, anything really, and to any standard above absolute beginner We're not bothered AT ALL about professionalism.... just fun and movement. That' about allithink.... thanks so much for reading this... please please... if you're in the area and fancy some fun... get in touch... don't be scared that you're skills aren't good enough... NO one will notice or care. :-)

To apply, you can message me on here, contact me on 07754722557 or drop me an email with the heading wedding or singing like that!

thanks one and all

ps...if some of the crew from the old Manchester meet up under the arches could come... I'd be MADE UP!!!

It's smashing to be back x

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