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Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by Barry_Rowden
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"Spinners, pyros, hopefuls... If you're in the St. Louis area, and interested in fire performing of any kind, we'll be getting together at the Cabin Inn at the City Museumevery Wedne..."
Posted: by Sorcha Ra
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"Are you fascinated by fire? Would you like to know how to perform safely with this element? It can be so hard to find an industry expert who teaches fire skills. Sorcha has been a profe..."
Posted: by moonshadow
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"There's a contest to be a performer at Summer Camp this year. There are some really great flow artists going and I'd love to meet them all. It would be really helpful if you could lik..."
Posted: by ditjuggling
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"Hi,The dublin Circus festival is on and everybody who wants to learn any circus art or just see some amazing performances is welcome to come along.Price 20 euro student 25 adult for wee..."
Posted: by borganique
Last Reply: by jenfish
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"i'm looking to start up/re-start juggling/spinning clubs in cornwall. This thread will hopefully tell me where and when you guys would like to have clubs.There's quite a group of us in ..."
Posted: by FyreBelle
Last Reply: by dropscience
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"3.5 days of camping, fun, flow classes, nightly burns, and lasting memories.www.flamefestival.com us and 50+ instructors for the best ..."
Posted: by Sorcha Ra
Last Reply: by Sorcha Ra
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"Come and learn the basics of poi spinning and how to integrate this beautiful prop into your dance.During this course you will learn the basic moves and transitions. Moves covered will ..."
Posted: by sunbeam139
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"Hi everyone,Just under 2 weeks until Bath UpChuck 2013 at the University of Bath - I hope you're as excited as me about it All the info is on (including a link if ..."
Posted: by AaronC
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"Hi I've posted this a couple of times on old threads, as I'm not sure how busy these boards are, but here's a fresh one anyways:I'm part of a team organising the VegFest in Wellington a..."
Posted: by Va'ealle
Last Reply: by PoiHans
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"Soooooooooo.....The Solar Eclipse Festival is on 10 - 16 of november in australia just north of cairns,are any other HOP'ers coming along?If you haven't heard about it check it out:http..."
Posted: by Barefoot Monkeys
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"Hey everyone, Vassar College's Barefoot Monkeys are proud to invite you all to our third annual juggling and fire arts convention, Monkey See Monkey Do 3D, this April in New York! Check..."
Posted: by Tree'dom
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"Hi everybody Who is going to the NZ Juggling Festival ? I come from New Caledonia and I'm going to study in Auckland for six months. I love juggling and spinning, and this would be a ch..."
Posted: by Brigh
Last Reply: by Brigh
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"Hi,I'm fairly new to melbourne and fairly new to poi and was wandering if anyone can tell me where there is a regular meet so i can make some new friends and learn some new tricks, i li..."
Posted: by yhvh83
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"Hi Flow Family,So i just passing the word to the local community that in January Myself and a few other local hoppers and flow peeps are hosting Jen Rauscher aka JennuineFire !!!Were ho..."
Posted: by GottaLoveIt
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"Anyone from near bedford? Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire / Hertfordshire??? Was wondering if there's enough of us to arrange a meet? Mary "
Posted: by Fugee
Last Reply: by The Shark
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"The Ridikulositeez Muzik FestivalFriday, March 23, 2012 at 8:00pm until Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 12:00pmTHE GHOST RANCH, I-45, Corsicana, TX"
Posted: by jlevine15
Last Reply: by Zan
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"Join Zan Moore of Instruments of the Now this Feb 17-Mar 3, 2013 on his Envision Quest. This will be an adventure of epic proportions starting in Montezuma, Costa Rica for a 10 night w..."
Posted: by ruvidan
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"This will be a perfect time to learn a new prop, soak in amazing sights. It's going to be an incredible experience for all of us spinners and ninjas. Hope to see you there. Ken Hill N..."
Posted: by Susan7si
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"Lets spin in BCN.Are you all out there ?Susan7si@hotmail"
Posted: by Rooth
Last Reply: by MikaFaya
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"I just moved back to glasgow and would really like to meet some spinners here and learn some new moves. I was wondering if there are any meets that are current as all the info seems to..."
Posted: by jlevine15
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"Nick Woolsey of and Alien John, co-creator of the Encyclo-poi-dia II Instructional DVD are hosting a 12 night Fire Poi workshop in Costa Rica Jan 19-30, 2013.These guys are ..."
Posted: by Boorri
Last Reply: by keyarghah
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"Morning All!Objectify: tr.v. 1. A concrete representation of an abstract ideaI would like to introduce you to the first year of Objectify. A flow arts, fire and circus gathering tuck..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by Amanda_Ackman
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" Every Wednesday 7.00- 10.00pm Location: Synergy Centre, 220 Farmers Road, Camberwell New Road, nearest tube OvalSouth central London, UKCost: 3Contact: Martin (just_jugglers atsymb..."
Posted: by Neilandrewhall
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"Hi Everyone,New poster so please bare with me, Google has bought me to these forums ..My dad's birthday is on the 18th December in Manchester &lbr;TV21&rbr; i'm trying to make it extra ..."
Posted: by Wasian
Last Reply: by dustyroller
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"Hello everyone, If your reading this I assume you live in the Chicago land area. Ummm, Im trying to see how many people there axually are in this area that perform, and would like to ha..."
Posted: by ataxia
Last Reply: by bradclacy
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"Summer Location: Queen Victoria gardens. The aim is not for a solely firetwirling night, but a night whereby firetwirlers, jugglers, contact jugglers, diabolo etc can meet. So feel free..."
Posted: by _Clare_
Last Reply: by shaping_light
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"Hello, hello and welcome to the all-new, shiny thread for fire dancers, spinners, object manipulators, drummers, musicians and anyone else interested in these arts anywhere in Ireland.O..."
Posted: by cheeva
Last Reply: by Hajishen
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"Not sure if this is the best place to post but anyhow....A small group of us fire spinners are gathering every Sunday at Gasworks park in Seattle!We have been spinning fire and so far n..."
Posted: by Sorcha Ra
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"A one-off 3 hour workshop which will teach you all the basics you need to know if you want to work with fire. Come and learn about all the different fire props that are available and ho..."
Posted: by msmith46234
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"Hello, just wondering if there are any active poi groups in Tampa, Clearwater, or ST.Pete."
Posted: by Paddy
Last Reply: by thechemlife
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"Alright, a number of us have met in Toronto a couple of times now in Christie Pits park, and are going to be meeting on a semi-regular basis. Eariler tonight we thought it would be a g..."
Posted: by corey1
Last Reply: by Man_in_the_mask
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"so i am trying to get a meat going in Oregon usa . probly some ware in salem or portland . who is down to make this happen ?"
Posted: by Josphin
Last Reply: by Derekp
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"hey all spinners who are in Caglary, every sunday night in Riley park theres a big drum circle with a few fire performers of various types in attendance, if your interested just come on..."
Posted: by d4rkly_cute
Last Reply: by Derekp
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"If you are interested in practising poi, diablo, juggling, hoop and other circus stuff and you want to do all this indoors. This is definitely the place to go during winter.Time: 4:30 ..."
Posted: by Martika
Last Reply: by Oscar Wariner
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"I have put a lot of time, hard work, and love into making this video. It has only been a dream till now to perform at the Electric Forest. Please help me make my dream come true. Please..."
Posted: by DTKB
Last Reply: by CCO
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"Hey Peeps,Thought since I am moving back to O-Town in 3 WEEKS I would start a thread in here to meet some poi spinners in Ottawa!!Anybody out there from Ottawa? Interested..."
Posted: by festivalfaery
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"Dear Spinners, Flow Artists & Jugglers. Are you interested in spending a whole weekend dedicated to playful development of your flow skills?Michael Chesney (aka G) and I present you..."
Posted: by yhvh83
Last Reply: by echoehn
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"Hi everyone!!!Spark - fire and flow retreat!!!!So listen up and keep your eyes peeled.We are having a fire and flow arts community sharing event in Peoria IL!!!When might you ask? Augu..."
Posted: by Laasya
Last Reply: by Tj ONe
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"So as it turns out, HoP is a terrible place to find people. Then one night I'm showing off my new crystal poi over at the Commons, and The Amazing Baz walks up to me and tells me all ab..."
Posted: by FireExtra
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"Hi,I am writing to you from a company called Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd, we place people & students as extras in TV and Film across the UK. Our company website is"
Posted: by vampsm101
Last Reply: by Marnie
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"Hi all, The new friday night fire and drum meet, 8pm @ the morrow park bowling club. Just behind the Lass O'gowrie hotel in wickham. If you want to get in touch with me vampsm101@hotmai..."
Posted: by bobrob
Last Reply: by JeStEr
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"hello all brisbonians. i would love to meet some of you guys, and i'm passing through brisbo soon, so hey, lets.I've looked at the meet others thing but there are lots of you, so i tho..."
Posted: by nupo
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"So who is the winner of the so called 'championship' ?Ronan, Loooop or AllStaff ?I wanna know.."
Posted: by TribalLord
Last Reply: by Brex
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"This year I intend to experience the Burning Man Festival for the first time. It is located in the Black Rock Desert region. The closes largest city would be Reno, Nevada. I would li..."
Posted: by Spinoff UK
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"Spinoff Needs You!!With an Uber busy summer ahead Spinoff is looking to take on many new performers across the UK to meet demand. We are currently looking for performers with one or man..."
Posted: by fireprinzess
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"Hi Fire-Artists,we are still searching a good Firegroup for our Busking Festival in Upper-Austria.We have about 25 different international Artists/Groups and at the moment 2 Firegroups...."
Posted: by Fugee
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"CAMP FIRE 2012A Midwestern US Fire Arts GatheringINSTRUCTORS Alien Jon , Miranda Tempest , Michael Parisi , Corey White , Drew Brown , TZ Rogers & Russell Megowan , ..."
Posted: by coincidancer
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"The Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli is a two week long celebration of the element of fire and the many ways we creatively interact with it as human beings, fittingly held annually on Europ..."
Posted: by Neo020179
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"Hi there, I'm looking for some spinners in and around Warwick england.The thing is am looking for a couple for our wedding reception which is going to be a huge party in a field so at n..."
Posted: by elenalydia
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"The second edition of SummerFlame will take place in Vienna coming july:3.-8. July 2012, 6 days of Masterclass Workshops, Performances and Camping 50Line-up:Antti Suniala, Romain Mar..."
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