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Posted:Hey there, everybody! smile

I just came over to Paris and was wondering where are all the french fire performers to find!?! I am member of the austrian group Cosmic Circles and do really hope to meet some nice FirePeople here in Paris, but so far I didn't find any. wink and I am pretty sure there are lots of!!! So maybe anybody can tell me some places to go to.

Best wishes,

btw: I do live in the 7 arr wink

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Posted:Have you found something yet? Cause i feel like i'm the only spinner in Paris and i now it just can't be true


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Posted:I'm a French spinner and I know some places in Paris to spin :
- "le palais de Tokyo" Paris 16 : weekly fire gathering on saturday evenings from 9 pm to 1 am
- "le parc de Bercy" Paris 12 : some gatherings in afternoons when it's shining, but now with the winter...
- "le 104" Paris 19 : an open place to juggle and spin whenever you want (I don't know this one but I was told it's a good one)

But you should check this French forum :
It's dedicated to the French spinning community and there's a small part in English also.
If you want some details or more informations just tell me !


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Posted:I really recommend 104 for training, it's a huge space, mostly dancers, but there's usually a couple of jugglers too.


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Posted:Hey, am in Paris for 4 months and would love to practice poi with others. Are these clubs still meeting? The post was 2 years ago.

Thanks in advance!


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