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Posted:Starting Camborne Juggling Club in Cornwall (UK) next Wednesday night at the Wesley Centre!

Hoping for a good part of this to be poi sessions and can offer advanced-expert poi tutoring for those that are interested!

I'll be running it through The Crooked Thicket Project (www.facebook.com/thecrookedthicket) and working with an outdoor performance company I run (www.hotchpotchperformance.co.uk), I'll be doing general circus and have a good amount of kit and hoping to develop the club into more of a creation space for general outdoor artists and performers in need to a place and opportunities to develop work.

And of course remain a place to kick back and throw and spin things for a couple of hours a week ! :) https://www.facebook.com/events/366160483520004/

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York Jugglers

Location: York

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Posted:You could add your club to the list of UK juggling clubs on Juggling Edge, to help more people find you

Good luck with your new club.





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Posted:Hi there,

I'd be really interested to join up! ive been searching for a poi / juggling club for ages now, could you please give me more information on where you are, times that the club runs, any fees, etc... :)

Many thanks, hope to hear from you soon,

Louis :D


Posted:Hey sorry for the slow reply and big thanks for yours! Should get up a video of the clubs first month in the new year when we'll be running again in the new year every Wednesday night 7pm-9pm and is only £2 to cover room hire, there's full disabled access, parking, wifi and cheep coffees and cake at the Wesley Centre in the Centre of Camborne :)

Will get our club on the list for sure, along with one or two others I've found and be making a huge deal about this in the new year, thanks for the support and interest!



Posted:Got a new page up with a glow special week this week :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camborne-Circus-Jams/583208365082580?ref=hl